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from the archives: children\'s hospital founder faced opposition

by:COSCO     2019-08-07
The story was first published in the Montreal Gazette on June 20, 2004.
The medical staff and managers at the Children\'s Hospital in Montreal are proud to show the royal couple their new accommodation-even if the visit is planned to last only 10 minutes, and can only walk in Cabot Square across the street from the hospital.
Queen Elizabeth\'s main purpose in Canada is to be holy.
Lawrence Siwei, it\'s hard to imagine her passion for traveling today.
Even in a fleeting event like visiting the Children\'s Museum, newspaper photographers pressed each other tightly to push bowed to get the camera angle they wanted to wait for the patient.
\"It\'s shameful, it\'s absolutely disgraceful,\" said a nurse . \".
They went around and destroyed everything.
Visits to children and hospitals.
Earlier in the day, Justin acknowledged the role of the two hospitals in pediatric medicine.
On 1931, the children celebrated this year\'s centennial, the first place in the world to develop iron lungs.
In 1938, Canada performed the first surgery to repair congenital heart defects there.
In 1950, it was the first pediatric hospital in the country to establish a psychiatric unit.
Nowadays, people have a deeper understanding of the unique physiology and biochemistry of children.
A century ago, however, when the Montreal Children\'s Fund was established, the concept of children not just micro-adults was a new one.
Efforts to set up a children\'s hospital in Montreal can be traced back to at least 1869, but Alexander McKenzie Forbes, a young Monterey, took the energy and compassion to achieve this goal.
A century ago, anyone walking on the streets of the city had to be blind before they could notice an abnormal number of children, many of whom were begging and suffering from bone tuberculosis or other disabling diseases.
As a plastic surgeon, Forbes learned about the special care they needed.
Not everyone believes
They say there are already enough hospitals in the city, and many more will dilute everyone\'s efforts.
Despite this, Forbes has won the support of a group of well-known businessmen and doctors in Montreal.
Fundraising started, there\'s a big house on Guy Street
Right under Sherbrooke Street. , was found.
The rent is $20 per month. On Jan.
The Children\'s Memorial Hospital, named after the late Queen Victoria, received the first patient on 1904.
The house is not ideal.
No outdoor area for kids, it\'s too close to the city anyway, it is not possible to provide patients with consumer bone disease with the \"full benefits of sunshine and fresh air\" that Forbes and his colleagues want \".
Nurses at $15 a month not only take care of patients, but even have to shovel the coal into the stove-the stove itself is soon found to be in danger of a fire.
When it happened, the house on the other side of Guy Street.
Occupied by the department.
The owner, Samuel Casley, and his family.
From their balcony, they often see the children of the hospital playing as much as possible on the street.
Carsleys knew that they would soon move to their country house for the summer and when they were away they generously offered the garden to the hospital.
An old photo shows a large tent set up on the grounds of the casally\'s home in order to take care of the patient.
Samuel Castley himself occasionally passes by, driving in his carriage and playing on the playground with excited children.
People always accept the guy named St.
The house is a temporary stopgap and is trying to build a new dormitory within a year.
In April 6, 1909, the efforts were made when the hospital moved into a new building on Cedar Avenue.
Right across from general Montreal.
Here, in the wings and ancillary buildings that have been added over the years, children have expanded their efforts not only in the treatment of pediatric diseases, but also in research and innovation.
For example, when Montreal suffered a devastating outbreak of polio, the first iron lung was developed.
The most dangerous children are those with paralysis of lung function. Dr.
Howard Mitchell, the hospital\'s medical director, designed a respirator-a device made of wood, not an iron, it was built by carpenter Tom Wright in the workshop of the hospital.
This heavily modified design is eventually used around the world.
At 1956, the hospital gave up its ancient home on Cedar Boulevard.
And its original name.
It is now the children\'s hospital of Montreal, returning from the mountain to tamper Street.
The site it still occupies (
Used to be the Western Division of General Montreal). [
Editor\'s note: this is a 2004 story-the Montreal Children\'s Hospital moved to the Glenn website of the health center at McGill University in May 24, 2015]
The photographers were at the scene for Dr.
Herbert Owen closed the door to the old building for the last time.
He pulled the door.
Nothing happened.
He pulled again.
This time, the door handle in his hand fell, old and rusty.
With the camera clicking, Owen fell awkwardly into the nearby bushes. Today [June 20, 2004]
A Centennial Celebration will be held at the Children\'s Hospital in Montreal, inviting the public to attend.
Its focus will be on Cabot Square, where the Queen had a short visit 45 years ago.
No one would expect a photographer who misbehaved.
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