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haiti: emotional, logistical rollercoaster for media

by:COSCO     2019-08-21
Tents, satellite receivers, laptops and cables are packed in the garden of a partially collapsed hotel in Haiti, and journalists are frantically typing and shouting at satellite phones every time an aftershock occurs, curse when the generator cuts off and runs to the pool.
Hundreds of journalists, photographers and television workers came to Haiti after the January 12 earthquake, which killed 200,000 people in the poorest state in the Western Hemisphere.
Many people wear the same dirty clothes every day and wash their underwear for three days a day
Due to the constant aftershocks, there was a one minute splash in the public bathroom and slept well away from the walls.
Using the cracked hotel basement toilet is nerve --wracking.
Port in the city centerau-
Another hotel, the Prince, which sheltered foreign media, did not have tap water, so reporters frolicking in the pool in their underwear.
Others camp on the runway at the airport, where they can get a better internet connection via a large satellite antenna.
They make a living with biscuits, peanut butter or army rations, using rotten toilets, and when military planes whizzing past, rescue trucks unloading food aid boxes, they barely sleep.
\"The pool was a boon to us, and we all took a shower inside.
Every morning, we stand and wash.
They just put a bunch of chlorine in it every day to clean it, \"Sky News reporter Robert Nisbet said at the orovson hotel.
In a state where infrastructure is destroyed, report a logistical challenge to the story, in addition to witnessing the emotional costs of rotten bodies, orphans, the terrible wounds and the sea of hungry refugees caused casualties.
Many reporters admitted to crying.
Most people distribute bandages, sterilization creams, water, food or cash to earthquake victims, and others intervene to save lives.
A reporter called a military unit and refused to give in from the scene of the casualties until they flew out with a broken leg.
Another man carried a girl with a serious leg injury down the hillside and took her to the surgeon.
\"Her father is crying and crying.
\"He lost his wife in the earthquake, so the girl was everything he left behind,\" the reporter said . \".
\"I can\'t let her know she\'s going to die.
\"Many foreign media entered Haiti for the first time after this scale --
The earthquake took place at the Creole Villa Hotel, and although the middle part of the hotel turned into ruins, it sheltered many journalists, rescue workers and medical staff.
Media groups pay for rooms for storage
Journalists sleep on the grass, on the roof, or on the van, but rarely inside --
Attack each other with gorgeous Bgan internet system, wireless radio, inflatable mattress and large frame tent.
Despite the food shortage, the hotel\'s indomitable staff served hot meals with blankets coming over every night.
Few journalists can sleep in the first few nights, lie in a garden plagued by groaning and crying, and die on the other side of the wall.
\"We\'re all dealing with so many images and emotions.
\"This is the first time I \'ve reported where you were driving past the body in the street,\" Nisbet said . \".
\"For the first time, everyone in the car was silent for a long time.
The smell is the worst.
Every night, photographers sit by the pool and edit sober images on their laptops.
Everyone is working until they crash but they drink beer too
French journalists turned out red wine.
Trying to calm down from the grim scene of the day.
Haitian pestering journalists to ask for water, food and masks, or to provide services as a stationary person and driver.
The reporter knew how serious the demand for the money was, so he paid a high price.
There are moments of joy.
Strength on Wednesday morning
The 6 th aftershock shook everyone out of the tent at dawn, leaving the two journalists naked from the bathroom to the breakfast area by the pool.
The reporter tried to write stories that attracted aid and medical staff and tried to comfort the victims.
Items on weekdays become their most precious items: notepad, boots, Hood and hood.
One cherishes rubbing her face with a tube of apricot scrub every night to get rid of the stink and dirt that came out a few hours after riding a motorcycle in hell.
At an impulsive moment, a pack of mouthwatering chocolate cookies was given to a pair of hungry orphans.
It\'s worth hearing them giggling, the first time in a few days.
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