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Have a creative wedding tent, these things could not be omitted

by:COSCO     2020-09-12
As is known to all, frame tent as wedding scene for the tents wedding planner first thought of the necessary supplies, as well as the most common wedding outdoors to the awning room, solve the outdoor space requirements, as well as any outdoor space provides a number of interesting decorating choice, tents wedding structure tent play its important role. Let outdoor wedding space utilization is easier, also can hold more smoothly. design choices for the wedding ceremony, there are many styles, such as tarpaulins and shape difference, can choose according to individual requirements, there are white and other colors of tarpaulin, awning room comes with a variety of different shapes. But to personalized and special creative tent, will have time. 1, awning room decorate what all want to have romantic parts, wedding planning need is this, indoor need to install the awning room cloth curtain, droplight, flower road, carpet, etc. Characteristics in a different style the romantic scenes, required to decorate the customer with the best wedding scene to bless the couple. 2, when the wedding to add fashionable element of elastic structures for mural, outdoor ceremony or reception cocktail time added fashionable element. Due to two important aspects, such as creating a solid surface and foundation, as well as the distribution of a large number of rent and entertainment space, we found the high level industry planner, flower shop to complete the match. 3, key adornment suggested ugly metal rods into amazing lush green plants and large vines. Make a tempting for larger entrance awning room entrance, with a cascade of curtains to create soft, plants and trees into outdoor living, with a series of ceiling device design set the tone for your service, is the idea of tent space for some modification. And use the adornment of the plants and trees, which can greatly improve the romantic feeling, nature environment in the outdoor wedding, how interesting it is. It seems that creative wedding frame tent, be about to have a creative designer to complete, and has carried on the comprehensive changes. Follow this era of architectural style to design, the internal layout of awning room, with fashion and romantic style, can bring warmth and happiness. If you are looking for 'a creative wedding frame tent, for these things could not be omitted' have any doubt can contact our website online customer service, will serve you the first time. We always adhere to: integrity-based, quality first, the independent innovation;
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