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Herringbone roof tent and ball for transparent transparent what's the difference between the two

by:COSCO     2020-08-22
Now says there tent manufacturing for application in outdoor awning room is varied, and transparent tent with high-end, unique appearance by the favour of many activities, but according to the market and actual sales, transparent frame tent can say up is the most popular a frame tent. Recommended for everybody below says there two types of commonly used transparent tent. Herringbone transparent tent: as the herringbone canopy room many optional specifications, so can suit is widely used in different activities, and at present the most commonly used transparent frame tent is the character of choose and employ persons with transparent canopy room tarpaulins, side wall can be either choose transparent tent, can also choose to use transparent glass to build awning room on the higher side. And technology is quite mature, herringbone canopy room more optional specification, resistant to 8 - in the outdoor 10 wind, also on the overall costs are relatively cheap, is a good choice for outdoor activities, only small shortcomings is custom-made design is relatively fixed, can innovation degree is relatively low. But its practicality travel party tents marquees that occupy the home is spotless, make its export says there has been a tent awning room more give prize.
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