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hiring a marquee or party tent

by:COSCO     2019-09-03
Renting tents or party tents for your special events is becoming more and more popular around the world;
This article will discuss where to start when planning your party and what to do with hiring tents or party tents.
Do I need a structure tent or a tent?
This can lead to confusion depending on where you live in the world.
The definition of the two is the same;
In the UK and Australia, a large tent is often referred to as a tent, and in the US it is called a structure tent or a simple structure tent.
When there is a modern floor and heating system every year, when hiring tents or party tents, the time of the year is no longer a problem.
Most large rental companies will either include heaters in large rental packages or charge a small rental fee;
However, it is always a good idea to double-check this service provided by the hirer when planning a party in the winter.
What type of tent is it?
The most popular tent is the frame tents;
This is a great option as it doesn\'t need any extra space to place the human cord and it will fit the site as long as you have the space needed for the tent.
The traditional tent or the modern tension tent looks a little better, but usually requires an extra 1-meter-long rope.
How big tent do I need?
Any excellent tent rental company will know how big you need by asking you some simple questions, so please consider the answers to the following questions before talking to the local frame tent rental company
How many people do I want to accommodate?
Is the guest sitting on the table formally or is the buffet sitting on the table occasionally?
Is it standing or just sitting?
Service/catering frame tent required?
Do I have a DJ and dance floor?
Do I need space in the initial reception area?
When you contact your big frame tent hire person, the first thing you should ask your hire person is when and where your wedding, event or party will be held.
This is to make sure they are free on that day and they cover your area.
After that, you should ask them for advice on what size of tent you need.
You don\'t want to have a party in a place where the tent is too crowded or feels empty, so the size is important when hiring the tent.
Some box hire people will send you a recommended layout plan along with your offer, which is usually very useful when planning a wedding or party tent, but don\'t be afraid to tell them if you feel the layout or size is wrong, after all it\'s your special day and they will know that everyone has different requirements.
Always ask if there is any additional charge, nothing included in the price, which could be tax or travel expenses etc.
Also, be sure to ask what kind of deposit they need.
Usually, most well-known employment companies will include all this information in the quotation, and be careful about any employment company that does not contain this information.
Make sure you ask your hire person what kind of insurance they are holding and they should always have some kind of liability insurance, especially if they provide power for your activities.
Ask about the power supply in your tent, are they available for free?
This is a very important consideration for large events;
Bands, lighting and dining usually require a lot of power and your activities can be destroyed if the power fails.
Most big companies will use qualified electricians to connect the power to your structure tent, but it is always wise to check first.
For bigger events, it might even be wise to rent a backup generator.
I hope this information makes planning for your party, wedding or event easier.
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