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host a movie night with party rentals

by:COSCO     2020-07-01
If you are looking for some fresh entertainment ideas, then you should consider the items provided in the party rental.
They have everything from large movie screens to bounce houses, water slides, Charter rentals, casino party rentals, party tents, tables, chairs and more.
They have everything one wants to do to hold the perfect event including: Unforgettable family reunion, church event, company picnic, back
Courtyard parties, apartment complex bashes and more.
Here are some ideas and suggestions for events and parties that will definitely be welcomed no matter what type of event you host.
Funny movie The Movie Blitz series: More popular get-
The common idea is to hold a movie night.
You can dive in the outdoor movie night in the backyard
Not a drive-
By renting an oversized movie screen from 21 to 32 feet wide.
In this way, every guest attending your event will feel that they have a front row seat in the cinema and no one will miss the action.
You can hold a movie night under the stars.
Movie nights by the pool, movies at the golf course, a real drive-
Theme, movie night on the farm, etc.
Big screen movie night is also a good idea for assisted living centers, schools, etc.
Our professionals will be delivered to the location of your choice in a short period of time, perform all the set-up operations, and will be broken down and taken away after completion.
All you have to do is enjoy the movie and spend time with your friends and family.
Funny movie \"movie blitz\" series package: one of the great past
The American era is a historic double. feature film.
You can rent a giant screen of 21 to 26 feet in 2 hours or double time
Features 5 hours in length.
You can also rent giant displays for major sporting events such as Super Bowl, college football, basketball, world baseball series, etc.
FM transmitter: For real drive-
FM transmitters are also available for the movie experience. Your movie-
The audience will enjoy sitting on their comfortable vehicle while watching the movie directly through their own personal stereo.
Game Pack: You can also add an hour of game time interval to your big screen.
Guests can play bowls, golf, skiing, etc.
You provide games and consoles that will provide giant screens in tournament style.
Your guests will feel like they are in a comprehensive amusement park!
Offer: of course, there can be no movie night without popcorn!
That\'s why the whole movie experience is increased.
You can rent a commercial-grade, full-size popcorn machine or have the party rental company offer you delicious snacks.
They cook it in portions that can hold up to 250 people!
K songs: Let your guests enjoy some K songs before or after the movie, you can add the machine to the rent for extra fun and entertainment.
So the next time you struggle with the idea of your next event, consider renting a fun movie \"movie blitz\" series package and don\'t worry about anything.
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