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Hot today! The double tent sample set for completion

by:COSCO     2020-09-04
On May 2, wide frame tent factory construction for the high efficient structures, construction work, the choice in the company factory building span within 20 meters of double awning room, only in just three days. Then, we together and see it! Wide the double awning room is of high quality aluminum raw materials, the second layer awning room wall is chosen to use a whole wallboard, implement the patchwork split technology. Using a whole wallboard promoted awning room not only beautiful, perfect fit into the new building of fashionable feeling. Interior space is big also. Then look at the first layer, choose the glass curtain wall, can give a person a kind of more thick, clear feeling, the overall vision is high-end, high grade. Joining together into a double awning room will have great practical help. For outdoor double awning room, you will can't imagine how big is the application scope of awning room, then you are really too OUT! Wide the awning room manufacturers provide double awning room belongs to the outdoor temporary buildings, one of the preferred and tent set up no space limitation, for application for: outdoor restaurant awning room, outdoor exhibition awning room, outdoor awning room, outdoor awning room, outdoor tents wedding structure tent awning room, outdoor events awning room, outdoor sports, outdoor storage awning room, outdoor celebration awning room and so on and so on. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Moreover, wide the double awning room modelling has a variety of choice, can be customized according to customer requirements. We widely the tent, as the representative of modern new building area, has been firmly build specialized application wide double awning room.
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