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Hotel outdoor x35 30 meters aluminum alloy tent whether for restaurants have advantages than traditional hotel outdoor restaurant

by:COSCO     2020-08-15
Says there is not only a frame tent manufacturing factory for your choice, at the same time, we can according to your event planning plan to plan different awning room. Recently, one of our customer want to offer his hotel guests a place beside the swimming pool meals and relax. According to the needs of customers, says there provides him with a hotel x35 30 meters aluminum alloy large outdoor awning room restaurant. The hotel outdoor x35 30 meters aluminum alloy tent has low investment costs for restaurant, safety, installation, disassembly quick and flexible structure and so on. In addition, the hotel x35 30 meters aluminum alloy large outdoor restaurant awning room elegant appearance, is applicable to any location, its space utilization rate of 100%. Hotel outdoor x35 30 meters aluminum alloy tent using high-strength aluminum alloy structure for restaurant, surface oxidation treatment. The hotel's outdoor x35 30 meters aluminum alloy tent can meet international standards for the restaurant. All metal parts by rust surface treatment of connection. The PVC coating with uv protection, waterproof, flame retardant, self-cleaning, etc. Hotel restaurant in a graceful environment for the guests provide better dining environment. At the same time the hotel outdoor x35 30 meters aluminium alloy tent beside the swimming pool for the restaurant, can also provide good shade rest place, in the choice of food and leisure. If you are plagued by what style tent for your activities, welcome to consult our customer service, we will provide you with the best quality at the first time.
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