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how daredevils work

by:COSCO     2019-08-24
It is not clear why the first brave man will do what they do.
With little publicity and no such thing as television or radio, brave pioneers risk their lives for small live audiences.
Some people may argue that they are just adrenaline fans, just like extreme athletes today.
Some of the early jitters could be seen as inventors and experimenters.
French Jacques Ghanaian Lin tried the world\'s first parachute jump with a non-parachute
Rigid frame of 1797.
He jumped off the tree, sent the animals out as hoppers, and finally jumped off the hot air balloon at a speed of 3,200 feet.
He\'s not an experiment.
As we know today, the rigid frame led to skydiving.
Brave pilot Barnstormers performing aerial stunts flew to the scene after World War I.
At that time, the performances were the most popular.
Form of entertainment.
Mainly fighter pilots, these early adventurers took their wings when they died.
Not afraid to roll in the unregulated Sky-
In the name of performance.
Aviation legend and national hero Charles Lindbergh learned his flying skills as barnstormer and even performed parachute and wing walking stunts.
The walkers climbed out of the cockpit of the plane, did some handstands, and then hung from the oblique muscles.
The early wingers and Army pilot, Omar lockclear, first climbed out of the cockpit and repaired a broken radiator in the middle. air.
His commanders found that the performance of Omer inspired his morale, and they were also surprised to encourage him to continue his antics.
After a glorious dismissal, lockerlier became a professional wingwalker, making fans of air shows everywhere happy.
He would be hung on a ladder by his teeth and walked from plane to plane in the air ---
Sometimes a show earns as much as $3,000.
Unfortunately, like many walkers, lockclear was killed while performing stunts. The U. S.
On 1936, the government declared that it was illegal to have a wing below 1,500 feet, which basically made the practice obsolete. -
At that distance, no one could see anything from the ground.
Human shells were undoubtedly one of the early nightmen.
The first person to be used as a projectile was Lulu in 1871 \".
The British man in drag-and-drop clothes was sent to the sky by a pop-up window at the London concert hall.
The circus pioneer P used the first actual cannon. T. Barnum in 1880.
Another Briton, a real woman named Zazel, shocked the audience when she climbed into the cannon and was shot into the safety net.
As a result of the well, Barnum pushed her with a spiral spring, accompanied by a false explosion and smoke
Set off firecrackers regularly
These days, the springs have been replaced by compressed air cannons. -
But they still use a fake explosion to stimulate the audience.
Unfortunately, Zazel broke his back during the show and withdrew from the show. High-
The tightrope men came to the dangerous scene as a circus show, but later left the frame tent in search of a higher height.
When walking the wire, usually use the balance bar to walk slowly along the tight half
Metal cable in inches.
In 1974, the brave Philip Petti walked between the twin towers of the recently built World Trade Center in New York and became famous.
He actually walked the wires eight times in a row, stopped to kneel down to salute him, and even lay on the thin cables at one point.
The walk was carefully planned and completely illegal.
After some coaxing, the police at the scene were finally able to remove Peti from The Wire and detain him.
Because of the notoriety he received, if he agreed to perform free for the children in New York, the charges were dropped and he was obliged to do so.
In the next part, we will climb the barrels and cross the Niagara Falls.
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