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How much does it cost to build a football tent?

by:COSCO     2020-09-13
Awning room now is widely used in our life, involves the industry widely, such as: storage, tents wedding, exhibition, sports, etc. Take the frame tent, for football because of its flexibility and practicability, economy and get the favour of many active side, so to build such a football awning room need how many money? Presumably this is a issue for a lot of people! As is known to all, football frame tent cost than traditional architecture for much lower price, so how much money? Football tent is mainly composed of aluminum alloy frame and double sided coating for PVC cloth, using modular combination way to build, can save a lot of time cost and manpower cost, and can be quickly put into use. But football tent price for the house itself is not fixed, be influenced by many factors, such as size, material level, supporting facilities, etc. , on the market in general basic in 200 - tent manufacturer for quotation 500 yuan/square meters, the specific price need according to the actual situation to calculate. Says there awning room as a tent manufacturer of building experience for years, the research and development production of tent span from 3 - for football 50 m, the length can be according to 3 m or 5 m for spacing unlimited extension. If the size is larger, the profile material used by the more thick, awning room price will increase accordingly. In addition, the choice of the awning room facilities is different, also can make the price differences, the specific price need according to the actual situation to decide. Says there awning room in line with the attitude of the service for the general customers, will provide you with preferential frame tent quotation scheme and perfect service, welcome you to visit, and will let us know your requirements
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