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how much will my wedding cake cost?

by:COSCO     2020-07-17
cake can be one of the most exciting wedding cakes (
But daunting at the same time)
The task a couple face when planning their wedding.
Some couples have a clear idea of what they are after, just hoping that someone would reiterate that they may have overlooked a more appropriate option, while others have discovered multiple styles, size, taste and choice are understandable and are looking for guidance.
By fighting for the assistance and knowledge that experienced wedding cake makers have, the process can become smoother and easier.
cake consultation is usually: * by phone, * by email, * in person, * or a combination of the above.
How to prepare a wedding cake consultation while not essential, the consultation process becomes easier if you are able to do some preparation and consider the following: * what style of cake do I want?
Traditional, modern, layered cake, stacker cake, cupcake wedding cake, chocolate cake, mini cake (
Each guest has his own cake).
Often, the easiest way to decide is to browse through examples in galleries on wedding magazines and wedding cake maker websites.
If you find some photos that appeal to you, copy them at the time of consultation or email you * what decoration do I want?
Cake decoration is an important way to make cake your personal, people often need to consider trying to integrate the specific color scheme of the wedding, so if you can provide a sample of the color scheme that they will be, for cake manufacturers, it is useful to be able to maintain.
* How many guests do I have?
In order to establish the physical size of the cake (s)
It is necessary to know how many people it will be delivered to and whether the cake will be used as a finger (
Either drink it yourself or have a cup of coffee)
Or as dessert (
Larger slices are needed in this case).
* Do I want to keep the top floor?
If you want to keep a layer for a subsequent party or baptism then this will need to be considered as it means that additional cake needs to be made.
* Taste: fruit cake, sponge cake (
Original or seasoned)
Chocolate cake or cake with fresh fruit or berries?
Some wedding cake makers offer cakes of various flavors (
Each layer may be of a different taste or a cake of a different taste)
Or in a custom flavor (
Anything you or they can imagine).
Would you like a cake?
If so, then is the venue within the AC distance of the cake maker of your choice?
* date: it is clear that cake makers need to check their availability.
People who make cakes can only produce a certain number of cakes in a week, and the popular time of the year is as follows August (
Especially weekends)
Often booked at the beginning of the year.
* Budget: have a clear idea of what your budget is and whether there is a degree of flexibility.
Usually, you can discuss with your cake maker how to make the wedding cake cheaper. . .
Above all, don\'t forget: * discuss all the above with your fiancee.
Your tents wedding is a special day for both of you, but its planning can be a stressful process, one way to eliminate stress sources is to make sure that you and your fiancee have the same expectations for what\'s important in the wedding cake (
Whether it\'s a specific style, taste or budget).
How much does my wedding cake cost?
The most frequently asked question in the consultation is \"How much does my wedding cake cost?
However, many of the above questions need to be answered in order to provide an accurate quotation.
So the more information you can provide, the more accurate the cake maker\'s offer will be.
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