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how to assemble your wedding invitations in five easy steps

by:COSCO     2020-07-17
How to assemble your tents wedding invitation in the right way, whether you are using a more traditional or formal wedding invitation style or a simple flat or folding style, there is only one or two shells.
In the envelope, only the names of invited guests are written, and none else is written.
The inner envelope is optional;
This is just a more formal way to mail the invitation letter, but it is certainly not necessary.
If you buy a kit yourself to make an invitation, it is likely that the kit will only come with one envelope to mail the invitation instead of the second/internal envelope.
The envelope for the response or Card should be pre-prepared
Send the address and stamp to your guest, so they just need to mail it back to you without having to pay the postage.
Before assembling, make sure you put everything together first, so arrange all the parts of your tents wedding invitation suit: how to assemble your wedding invitation-
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