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how to choose a wedding tent

by:COSCO     2020-06-26
It is important to rent a good frame tent when planning an outdoor wedding.
While tents provide a comfortable and personal feel for the entire outdoor wedding decor, they also protect you and your guests from adverse weather conditions.
Tents are also more flexible than the existing facilities, as you have more options for where and how the wedding is going.
However, they are more expensive and you may need $3,000 to $6,000 without additional lighting, flooring and delivery, installation and removal costs.
Types of wedding tents: these are some popular tents that you might want to check out before making a decision.
Party Canopy: this is a light tent designed for sun protection and rain protection.
Compared to other types, the installation is simple and the rent is cheap. Pop-
Canopy: another foldable light tentframe fabric.
It is also easy to install.
: a metal frame tents without a center pole.
It is usually installed by the leasing company.
Tension tent: this type is built with a high center bar, a steep sloping ceiling, and a more open feel inside the tent.
Pole tent: this type of pole has Poles around and in the center and is very practical for bad weather conditions.
The rental company will install it.
Location and floor: the best location to set up a structure tent is on a flat high ground and there should be no overhead utility line.
If the terrain of the site is uneven or the rainfall is large, try using plywood or plastic flooring.
Plywood is expensive, but it can provide a durable elevated floor for almost any type of terrain.
Plastic flooring is ideal for laying surfaces and is much cheaper than plywood flooring.
You can also consider spelling flowers
Wood floor can be used as a dance floor.
The size of the tent: it doesn\'t hurt to rent a tent larger than the actual need.
Think about the size of a frame tent where your guests can sit comfortably.
seating specifications: all chairs in one row: 6 square feet round table per person: 12 square feet rectangular table per person: 8 square feet cocktail and reception per person: 8 square feet per person, these specifications, bar area, cake table, buffet table in band area and dance floor.
The color of the tent: the traditional color of the tent is white, but you can choose from a variety of combinations depending on the theme and mood of the wedding.
For example, if you want the romantic starry sky to be part of your wedding, rent a tent with a translucent ceiling.
For more private matters, the side walls can be pure white, and the transparent vinyl allows natural light to come in, the cathedral-
The windows and walls are more decorative.
Optional: Keep in mind that each rental company offers optional accessories that can really emphasize the decor of weddings and tents.
Choose a wedding that suits the theme and tone of the wedding.
Other accessories you can\'t have may include air-conditioning (
For extreme climate regions)
Portable bar, decorative lighting, etc.
wedding tent are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.
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