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How to Cicada-Proof Your Home

by:COSCO     2019-08-17
NEW YORK (MainStreet)
-Some Christians believe that ecstasy-the day when valuable people will spontaneously ascend to heaven-will take place on May 21.
But for many in the south, there has been a different biblical event: a group of bugs.
In this case, the worm is a cicada, not a locust that plagues ancient Egypt. But winged insects that mate from the ground every 13 years have begun to hatch from Mississippi to North Carolina.
It is expected that ruthless hordes will intimidate the South in about a month, after which they will spawn and die.
The good news is that these bugs are more annoying than plagues;
Jim Fredericks says that while their large numbers and annoying buzz make it difficult for them to be outside, they don\'t attack humans or animals, won\'t even try to fly into your director of technical services at the National Pest Management Association.
\"They are not a real family pest,\" said Frederick . \" While working in Baltimore, he handled another nest of periodic cicadas.
\"You can have a cicada once in a while in the house, but they don\'t get into the house.
\"No matter what the intent of the bug is, with so many bugs pouring into the area, some people inevitably fly into open windows or doors, or climb through the cracks in your home.
As a result, Fredericks recommended the implementation of the usual pest prevention method, saying that the screen should be placed on the internal vent, and that the window and screen should check for holes or cracks, any other cracks in the home that may allow bugs to enter should be sealed with a caulking or expanded foam.
He also pointed out that the crack under your garage door could be an entry point and he suggested making sure that the seal between the door and the ground is intact and there is no crack.
Alas, there is no chemical that will prevent cicadas from entering your home, and nothing can stop them from entering your yard except for a glass dome.
However, this does not matter because the permanent damage they do to trees is small: only young branches and saplings are at risk of serious damage.
So what should you do if there are some wrong cicadas in your house?
If this is a serious infection, you can of course call the exterminator to clear them, although Frederick warns anyone considering the store --
Bought pesticides to remove them from home.
\"If you choose to use pesticides, please read the label,\" he said . \".
\"Make sure its label is used at home.
\"If you start spraying bug poison for outdoor use only, this therapy can be more harmful than cicadas.
Overall, though, this is just the case of a few missing bugs wandering around your kitchen, and throwing them away is usually a simple problem, throw them into a bucket of soapy water and kill them.
Don\'t be afraid to recruit four of you.
A friend who helped catch six legs.
Legs-bugs are safe (and healthy)
For human and animal consumption.
\"I think my cat will spend the day at home with a few cicadas,\" he said . \".
\"I wouldn\'t worry if a dog or a cat caught them.
There are a lot of delicious recipes outside. \"—
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