how to clean dirt from the hem of a lace wedding dress

by:COSCO     2020-07-31
Disadvantages of the floor-
The length wedding dress is when the event is over, you will most likely have dirt on the underside.
Lace is a delicate material that requires special care, but cleaning the hem of the wedding dress at home is economical and allows you to store the tents wedding dress in a clean place.
Knowing how to clean a lace wedding dress can allow you to wear a home dress or buy a second hand dress that requires some care.
Once clean, professionals can help you keep your clothes in a souvenir box.
Check the lace hem on your wedding dress for damage.
Repair any torn or loose lace before cleaning.
Fill the tub with warm water for about half.
You will put your hands in the water so don\'t get it too hot or too cold.
Pour a small amount of mild laundry detergent.
Stir well in the water.
Avoid the use of colored detergents that leave colored residues.
Choose clear liquid--
The sensitive formula without dyes and perfumes is ideal.
Place a clean towel on the edge of the bathtub to protect the skirt.
Soak the hem of the tents wedding dress in the water for about an hour.
If you just clean the hem, if you put the rest of the dress out of the tub so it gets dry, it will be easier to match the skirt.
Put the dress on the chair or something to support it so that it doesn\'t get dirty on the floor or hang it on the side.
Rub the lace gently with white socks or a rag soaked in bath water.
Hold the lace with one hand and scrub with the other.
Work in sections along the entire hem until all is cleaned up. Use a soft-
Brush hair, if needed, like a brush made of nylon, there is no dirt on the brush hair. Wash the clothes clean.
Drain the tub, fill it with fresh water, or hang clothes and rinse it with a removable shower head.
Continue to rinse until the water is clear and all soap is removed.
Hang your tents wedding dress in the airdry it.
Use plastic hangers to dry clothes in a safe place.
Do not use this method on a silk dress as it may damage the fabric on the lace.
Practice cleaning the lace hem on an old dress to hone the technique and prevent damage to your dress.
A cheap lace sewn on an old T-shirt
The shirt is another option for practice.
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