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How to correctly use storage warehouse tent

by:COSCO     2020-09-14
When season comes, many enterprises are faced with lack of storage space, reduce storage area and the face of the peak season demand, this time will need storage warehouse awning room to help you deal with the problem. Storage warehouse awning room with sensitivity, according to different storage demand sensitive to change. Store awning room offer a while, has the very good sensitivity and can move sex, of the astronomical terms no request is too high, but the most fundamental or to meet. Then set up a frame tent what conditions meet the demand for storage warehouse, to build the terrain environment have any request or pay attention to the central? First to select the air level off, the ordinary concrete can be, but the premise to ensure that the air can not be destroyed, otherwise the device at dozen contraction parts such as screws may be shattered or from the air. If is for storage warehouse awning room, can choose to stop building in the concrete air, holes in the air after the fixed stop pouring concrete, this way, the most stable and safe. If be in the grass or mud structures, awning room, the common requirements with long steel studs in the air. Otherwise tent is easy to shake. But ordinary storage warehouse tent won't choose to build on the grass, or outdoor lawn structure tent awning room compare common room and some of the activities. If be in the air, such as marble or ceramic tile, the main demand to use bearing plate to pressure the column base plate, and then in the bearing plate of the concrete is placed above or Shi Toukuai the weight to warehouse warehouse frame tent fixed. But use bearing plate of ordinary demand occupy a certain space, and beautiful aspect also.
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