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how to decorate wedding marquees for that special day?

by:COSCO     2019-09-04
The decoration planning of the wedding tent is different from the decoration of the traditional wedding reception venue, because the tent provides a blank canvas with the already (
Height often)
Function room decorated.
Let\'s say you hired one.
Span frame structure (
No internal structural rods)
You also have a uniform and tidy space that offers unlimited decorative possibilities.
If you start planning your wedding decor as soon as you know which tent you are renting, you can make sure it looks spectacular and meets all your wedding venue needs.
budget your budget should include considerations for tent rental, table decoration, chairs, lighting, tablecloths and flowers etc.
Depending on when you get married during the year, you may also want to hire outdoor heaters, so make sure to include them in your budget.
The size of the wedding big tent you should draw a floor plan on a small note showing the reduced version of your big tent floor space.
Pencils, where you plan to have tables and chairs, DJs or bands and any other large items that will be fairly fixed in terms of where they are in the wedding tent.
To make sure you order tents, chairs and tables of the right size, etc, you need to know how many guests you will be sitting on.
location if the structure tent is located in a large open space, you may want guests to enjoy both the indoor space provided by the frame tent and the outdoor space.
If so, the external area may be equally important in terms of visual appeal and can look particularly glamorous by connecting to the outdoor lights on the external frame.
However, if you are less likely to use the outdoor space, you can limit the decoration outside the tent to a few balloons and welcome the flowers and banners of the guests through the main entrance.
Considering that you have this beautiful blank canvas that can be used to decorate your wedding, you may be very fond of taking risks and taking your decor as the theme.
• Night of Hawaii • Turkish cuisine • 60-
Hollywood (or Bollywood)
If you are planning a themed wedding, do some research on colors, fabrics, decor and flooring on the Internet or in magazines.
You may also want to let your guests know that there is a dress code! I. e.
: For Hollywood themed tents: gold and silver decorated white tablecloths on the red carpet floor table on central island, the table may be littered with posters of Hollywood stars on the wall decorated with gold sequins. Guests are advised to wear clothes to impress the \"Hollywood style\" and decorate the walls inlaid with wedding ceremonies. Fabric.
They can be colored, patterned or plain.
Tents without lining are simpler and cheaper.
Lanterns, hanging decorations and sari fabrics can be used to enliven common walls and ceilings.
The floor decorated with wedding MarqueeCarpet can warm up the wedding venue that looks colder, although it may be impractical and expensive.
Matting is a more familiar selection of framed flooring, while hardwood floors offer luxury, wind-proof rain and wallet dents!
If the floor under your tent is harde.
Terrace or concrete etc, you can manage without extra floor, if it is located on the grass, as long as the ground is dry, no floor can be a cheap enough option.
Poles for decorating wedding tents most tents do not have support bars, but if there are support bars, you can decorate them by winding artificial leaves and flowers or beautiful transparency, floating fabric tied with a huge bow.
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