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How to design the oktoberfest awning room need?

by:COSCO     2020-08-31
Every year in summer when we involve beer on the table, then businesses will also have a lot of beer festival activities. But in the hot summer to festival activities in the outdoor there might be some difficulty, at that time our oktoberfest awning room will come in handy. So tent need how to design for beer festival? We know whether it is a festival or a food festival, there will be a lot of beer brands, mainly is the number, so the awning room internal clear span structure of large area space is needed to meet the needs of people. Conventional herringbone tent is used for large span structures of the net, no pillar, internal span from 20 - 60 m, the length can be according to the 3 m or 5 m multiples of infinite extension, of course, also can adopt the way of the combined group to undertake collocation, generally a tent area for oktoberfest takes about more than 1000, so that can accommodate a large number of people to drink at the same time. In addition to need enough space size, also need to consider the weather problem. Especially the summer is hot, most of the big sun weather, so we in the choice of oktoberfest awning room to avoid transparent frame tent, and all around have to be closed with tarpaulins, if choose glass curtain wall remember to draw the curtain cloth curtain or inside. Internally, we need to be equipped with good equipment, including air-conditioning, lighting, cloth curtain, carpet, for everyone to create a comfortable oktoberfest awning room environment. With internal to external, a good activities need to have certain signs or element to enhance activity atmosphere. We usually use is herringbone awning room, then the external signs with certain activities or logo elements to attract guests. Herringbone awning room has a classic appearance, tarpaulin can choose a variety of colors, such as: white, red, blue wait for a variety of options, combination of signs, lights and activity is best absorption force is dye-in-the-wood. as for says there have many years of experience in tent production set up for the tent factory, for the tent of products in addition to being oktoberfest awning room outside, also served food festival, the basketball game, music festivals and other activities, is committed to provide comfortable and safe for the general customers the awning room space. As long as you have needs, please feel free to contact says there, we will make you even in summer activities, also can get rid of the weather.
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