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how to diy your wedding dj

by:COSCO     2020-06-05
I\'m a DIY wedding DJ!
DJ can be hard to afford when your wedding budget is tight.
I recently helped my mom plan her wedding and when she told me her wedding budget was only $3000 I knew we couldn\'t afford to pay for the DJ.
So, let\'s look for alternatives.
We finally found a local DJ and rented out the equipment for $200 (
About 25% of the cost of an actual DJ).
He told us that this is the touch screen and we can add all the songs we want and play them in the order we want.
This is our original plan.
But when my mom had a broken air conditioner a week before the wedding and a limited budget, we came up with another plan.
I\'m going to do a DIY wedding DJ with iTunes and my laptop.
How did I do it? Keep reading!
Diy dj equipment
Should you use the iPod?
First of all, I suggest not to use the iPod.
They are a little clunky and out of control and they don\'t fade with the song (
Unless something changed a few years ago after I got my iPod)
And it is too easy to be stolen or damaged.
Here is a list of the devices I used to host my mom\'s wedding and some other items I recommend: laptop.
This is not necessarily fancy.
As long as it can run iTunes, it can hold at least 100 songs and you are golden with a headphone jack!
I used my 6 year old dell Inspiron E1505 and it worked really well!
The cd or music collection you have.
I say the reason you need to have music is to avoid copyright law.
You can legally play the cd or music you purchased at your wedding (
Because it\'s a private event)
But it may be illegal to borrow discs and play them at weddings.
I\'m not a lawyer, so I\'m not sure, but I\'ll be cautious.
If you don\'t own the songs you want to play, you need to buy them.
I recommend using the iTunes store or Amazon. com. iTunes -
This free software brings everything together.
You can make playlists, fade in and out songs, adjust where the song starts and ends, and even back up the music to an MP3 CD.
Surround sound system.
The surround sound system is something that most people already have (
Or someone you can borrow)
They provided enough sound to fill a room.
For reference, the reception hall for my mom\'s wedding is over 2000 square feet and the music is very loud! A stereo 3.
5mm from stereo rca y cable connector.
This may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo, but it\'s just a simple (and cheap)
Cable for connecting a laptop to a surround sound system.
One plug is inserted into the headphone jack of the laptop, and the other plug enters the left and right input of the surround sound system. A microphone.
You will need this if you plan to make an announcement.
Try to get the handheld microphone and make sure to disable the \"usb insert\" sound that appears (HOW TO).
Rock Band/Guitar Hero MIC is a low price microphone.
They are designed to be used on the game console, but you can use them on your PC and they are both cheap and easy to find.
Put everything together.
How to be a diy dj from start to finish so you have all the devices and all the songs. . . what now?
Here are some simple steps to get you ready for the DJ!
Put all the music into iTunes.
This may include ripping music from a cd or importing downloaded mp3.
If you need help figuring out how to do this, check the link below the page under the iTunes Essentials title.
Compile the playlist.
A good rule of thumb is 2 slow songs and then 3-5 fast songs.
If you have a lot of older people, you may need more slow songs to get them on the dance floor.
Don\'t forget to cross the music!
Determine when an announcement or special dance is required (
Father, dance for the first time.
Daughter Dance, dollar dance, etc. )
And set a timetable.
Make two copies and put them in your laptop bag so you don\'t forget it.
Listen to your playlist from start to finish.
Pay special attention to how the songs fade.
You don\'t want any gap between songs.
If you find it, you can right-click the song and change it by entering its properties at the end of the song.
This will cause the song to fade into the next one without any gap.
Make at least 2 backups of the playlist.
You can back up playlists on cd, another laptop and/or iPod/iPhone (
So you can transfer it to another computer if necessary
I do not recommend using iPod/iPhone at reception).
Set up all the devices.
Connect your laptop to the surround sound system and make sure it works.
Write down how to adjust the volume, bass, etc.
Don\'t forget to check if the microphone is working and make sure you can hear the microphone through the speaker.
This may require you to change some of the settings on your computer.
Perform a test run.
If you are a bride or groom, run the settings with the person who is going to run it.
If you\'re the one running it, play a few songs for the couple so they can make any changes they want.
Perform another test run at the receiving location.
It could be the night before everyone\'s renovation or the morning of the wedding.
Just make sure all your devices are working properly and you know you need to turn the sound up to hear clearly.
Arrive at reception in advance and get ready.
You are ready once the reception starts! Got a question? Ask it! Got a comment? Leave it!
Want me to share my custom playlist? Just ask!
I will try to reply within 12. 24 hours.
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