How to ensure the safety of activities awning room

by:COSCO     2020-08-27
is a kind of used in frame tent, for all kinds of activities held by use of the characteristics of this kind of awning room is set up in the outdoor, and hold the number is more, must have certain safety factor, and can protect. So there are so many requirements of activities can choose to use aluminum alloy awning room, on the safety factor is higher. aluminum frame structure is used for aluminum alloy, is said to have security, in the actual use is more high quality on the hardness and strength. And the frame tent is more resistant to corrosion for the activities of the aluminum alloy material, in the use of multiple times, as well as the wind and rain HuaJingZhong use, not easy oxidation, ensure the framework of security and stability. Additional activities tent choice for PVC tarpaulin, can fire retardant, prevent fire associated with circuit, and so on and so forth, and the rain, more safety. Activity tent can choose to have more advantages for some of the material to make the tent, for let activity awning room stronger, more safety. 。
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