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how to make a moroccan wedding blanket | ehow

by:COSCO     2020-08-01
blankets in Morocco are now popular!
But since they need to make it for so long, handmade blankets can cost a lot of money to buy.
The good news is that you can make your own authentic
Use ready-made things, look for Moroccan wedding blankets in less time, spend less money
Blankets, brush edges and sequins were made.
The layout of the sequins and stripes on the Moroccan tents wedding blanket has unlimited options.
For this project, a simple, equidistance arrangement of brush stripes and sequins trim layout is used.
To do this, use the disappearing ink mark and ruler to draw thirteen equal spacing lines from one side of the blanket to the other.
If the blanket is rectangular, draw a line parallel to the short edge.
Use the sewing machine to sew the sequins on the blanket.
Starting with the top line of the disappeared ink, sew the sequins decoration on each line, so there is a line between each line of sequins decoration.
Use the sewing machine to sew the edge of the brush on the blanket on the remaining lines.
Cut off any line that holds the edge of the brush together and wash the blanket in a subtle loop.
Dry in the dryer under gentle heating, with fluffy brush edges.
Moroccan tents wedding blankets are a striking decorative accent for any room in the house.
Try throwing things in the living room or folding at the end of the bed.
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