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how to make a temporary dance floor | ehow

by:COSCO     2020-08-03
The club offers a wide range of services, anonymity and opportunities to meet new people, but for some there is nothing comparable to having a private and comfortable ball at someone\'s home.
The temporary dance floor can turn your living room into a club for the evening, protect your feet and knees with a cushion, and protect your floor from trampling.
The cost of building a temporary dance floor will be lower than the cost of buying or renting a dance floor and will allow you the flexibility to hold a dance or party tents marquees at any time.
Determine the size of your dance floor.
Simply finding a temporary place to practice steps at home for a single tap dancer may only need three square feet, although the person planning to host the dance needs an area as large as their space.
Make accurate measurements of the space you determine.
Buy medium fiber boards and waste carpets at a hardware store that specializes in your size.
The standard medium fiber board is 3/4 thick and cut to 4 feet by 8 feet.
You should cut the mid-fiber board into parts that easily fit your space.
Purchase the same amount of waste carpet placed under the medium fiber board.
Stick the waste carpet to the lower side of the medium fiber board.
This will prevent scratches on the floor and provide a cushion for the feet and knees.
Place the mid-slim board on the floor with the cushion facing down.
Move each piece as close as possible to the next one to avoid the gap where dancers can travel.
If your floor is horizontal and you have bonded the buff evenly, your dance floor should be horizontal as well.
Use levels to make sure this is the case.
If there is no level, evenly spread the floor with foam.
Test your floor by dancing, sliding and jumping.
If an area is sliding, stick the rubber pad below to keep it stable.
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