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how to make gerbera daisy wedding bouquets

by:COSCO     2020-07-21
Among the different types of tents wedding bouquets, the most popular one is African chrysanthemum.
For information on the importance of these flowers and bouquet preparation instructions, please read more.
African chrysanthemum is one of the most popular flowers in the world.
It ranks fifth in popularity after flowers such as roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips.
It is a symbol of innocence and love.
Its plant name is African chrysanthemum.
These flowers are used to prepare wedding bouquets because they have different shades.
The beauty and charm of African chrysanthemum make it the perfect wedding flower.
This flower is so popular in the 13th century that it is named \"Love Flower \".
This month marks the beginning of the season.
The different colors of these peanuts are red, orange, purple, pink, yellow and white.
The color of the bouquet made of these flowers is carefully selected to suit the wedding theme.
No matter which type of wedding you decide to hold, like garden, outdoor, country etc.
This flower is for everyone. How to Make it?
bouquets made of African chrysanthemum are generally 8-
10 inch in diameter.
The arrangement of these flowers needs to be dotted with pale pink daisies in the middle of white flowers.
You can prepare a loose or nosegay bouquet.
The outer edge of the entire bouquet should have White baby breathing flowers.
The stems of all the different flowers mentioned need to be tied together with the help of rubber bands.
Wax tape has proved useful in straightening out the stems and giving a compact look to the entire bouquet.
Satin ribbon for covering the bouquet stem.
The ribbon to be used should be 3 times the length to be wrapped.
The package should start at the top.
One end of the ribbon needs to be hidden in the stem, while the other end needs to be wrapped down in a spiral way.
After reaching the bottom, the ribbon should be upside down and spiral up.
Finally, it should be hidden in the stem and fixed correctly by pin.
The handle should be wrapped with a doily and then fixed with a pin.
Ribbon should be added under doily;
These streamers need to be prepared with satin of different widths.
People can bring about many changes in this process.
A combination of African chrysanthemum and Rose is also recommended.
The nosegay, posy and round bouquets of these flowers give the wedding a completely different feeling.
It is also possible to consider the single-stem African chrysanthemum.
This is a cheap and compelling choice.
It can be ordered online or purchased from a nearby flower shop.
The price of the premium bouquet may be in the range of $30$90.
They are used not only for weddings, but also for occasions such as birthdays, Valentine\'s Day, etc.
Bouquet made of African chrysanthemum, due to its versatility, has become synonymous with decorations used in various occasions.
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