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How to Make My Family Tent Better

by:COSCO     2019-08-09
A better home tent is waterproofProof, secured, lit, full of storage options, no bugs and dirt.For people, ample space, sleeping gear, clothes and camp gear are essential for keeping the home comfortable, safe and happy in the tent.A little preparation and equipment planning can save you headaches and back pain while you are outside with the whole family.Note: The tent is moderately waterproof.Waterproof and torn New tentStop the seam of nylon fabric and waterproof tape.Waterproof of old or wellUsed tent with seal kit.In the wild, tents are properly set up, and the tents are kept dry by rain.Place a water-Canvas or nylon waterproof cloth under the tent can improve the service life of the tent.The TARP should be slightly larger than the footprint of your tent, but smaller than the width of the main tent stake (a large tarp can be reduced in size.) The waterproof mat under the tent can prevent damage or puncture the waterproof base and provide a layer of insulation, comfort and waterproof material under the tent.String additional tarps from poles or trees, providing a shade or extra waterproof seating and storage area around the tent.Remove your shoes before entering and keep the tent clean.Put a smaller TARP in front of the tent with the door pad (you also have to put it down)-Near tent entrance--Shoes off.Some tents have access and storage for Zipper \"dog doors\" or boots and shoes.Always put shoes in tents to prevent animals from stealing shoes or building houses inside.If you don\'t have a shoe cabinet in your tent, bring a few mesh bags (even the potato bags in the grocery store) to stop the boots and shoes.Hanging on a bag with a climbing Buckle (a mountainClimbing tools available at any time in hardware and outdoor stores) connect to the ceiling bar or hang the bag from the pole or branch under the nailed area.A strong hand brush and dust proof pan can help keep the shoes clean and remove extra dirt from inside the tent.Add extra storage bags.If your tent is not stored in wall pockets, do not sew or tape extra pockets on the tent walls.Instead, buy hanging, foldable closet organizers (such as sweaters or shoe cabinets) and secure them on the roof bar using carabiners.The more storage you can create on the floor, the easier it is for your family to move, sleep, change clothes and store equipment in tents.Battery (or solar energy-Charging the battery) lights for the night in the tent, as well as going to the bathroom and having an emergency light afterdark walks.Pause a highThe strength light on the ceiling hook or pole of the tent, with a mountaineering clip.Light weight and powerful LED light.Provide everyone with their own headlights, can be stored in the tent pocket when not usedfree light.Tips and warning resource articles written by Ann R.B.SummersAnn R.B.Summers professionally writes about food, science, nature, nutrition, fitness and a healthy life.She is the author of healthy lunch, healthy mind, and has regular articles in food and spirit.\" She has a B.A.Anthropology from the University of WashingtonLouis is a member of the children\'s association of book writers and illustrators and professional journalists.
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