how to make sugar edible flowers to decorate cakes

by:COSCO     2020-07-14
Decorating cakes with real, edible flowers in the kitchen is fun, stylish and good for you, and decorating cakes with sugar is the most beautiful!
Sometimes these flowers are called sugar flowers, but they are also called Crystal flowers, frost flowers and sugar flowers.
No matter what your name is, the icing is as sweet.
When your guests see these exquisite decorations, they will be happy that they are made of fresh edible flowers and sugar flowers in your garden, which are both cheap and simple
Anyone can do it!
Decorate cupcakes, Valentine\'s Day cakes, tents wedding cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes and desserts with them instead of flowers made of sugar.
Sugar flowers are not the same thing as sugar flowers.
I love making sugar flowers with real flowers and sugar flowers, it\'s a simple thing!
All you need is the following tools and ingredients: flwersegg whiteA whiskFine sugarA fine sieveA boutique paint bruseppe King whiteCarefully paperThe egg separate egg white egg yolk. (
You can keep the egg yolk and cook it later with whatever is leftOn protein.
Don\'t want to waste \"! )
Put the white in a clean bowl and gently stir until it is bubbling.
Now you\'re ready.
Can all edible petals be sugar?
In theory, yes, but in practice, some flowers work better than others.
Pick your flowers carefully.
The pictures on this page and the videos below give you some guidance on which flowers are edible, but there may be some flowers that are best avoided.
The flowers shown here are just flowers that bloom in les Trois Chenes garden, which is in the likes of France.
Some people eat sugar better or easier than others.
There are a lot more, but flowers are also vegetables for the right flowers!
Icing Violet, icing cake decorated classic, the best flowers are simple, single flowers, such as Violet, three-color flowers or roses.
Dandelion or clover is difficult to handle, for example.
You can also remove the petals and use them separately;
Rose petals and peony are very good, for example.
Most fruit trees and flowers are edible, so you can try them too.
On a sunny afternoon, pick your flowers when they are open and dry.
Collect them before you plan to start so they are fresh and crisp.
The author\'s video copyright all flowers in the garden are not edible, some of them are poisonous, so unless you are sure you have identified it correctly, otherwise don\'t eat anything in the garden or in the wild!
That being said, most of us know our rose and the three-color wolf.
Get a good book about eating plants and take a look at this video, although it only shows flowers in the spring garden, and if you have any questions, read the subject a little.
If you have an allergy or medical problem, please consult a doctor first.
Make sure the flowers you use are not sprayed with herbicides, pesticides or contaminated with animals.
How to make sugar gourd flowers for cakesThe technology is easy-
Apply your flowers carefully with protein and cover the petals with enough money, but do not soak the petals and sprinkle them with a layer of fine sugar.
Do this on both sides and carefully place them on a sheet of baking paper.
Put them in a warm and dry place until they become brittle and hard.
Small flowers will be ready overnight, but large flowers may take longer.
I turned over several times during the drying.
You can use tweezers.
Then put them in a sealed container and put them on the baking paper.
Make sure they don\'t come into contact with each other and store them in layers divided with baking paper.
Seal the box in a cool and dry place.
They will be saved for a few months, but it is better to use them in a few days.
Said this sentence, in fact, it is easy to say how to make sugar for flowers!
You have to work carefully and I can\'t find any shortcuts.
If you take a closer look at the covers and carnations in the illustration below, you will find them sitting in a small pool.
This is not good!
I try to dip my flowers in the eggs to speed up, but they don\'t work at all.
On the other hand, crape myrtle, Rose and petals are dry and crisp.
So take your time-
There is no chance to get rid of it. When you have a free afternoon for yourself, work with peace of mind --
Or why not invite friends around you to the party? Hold a Flower-
Sugar Party sugar flower is fun, but, as you can see, it is time consuming and laborious!
I put all my equipment together and sat in front of the TV with a nice cold white wine ,(
We are in France now! )
Calm down and patiently paint my petals at night!
But why not hold the flowers on a special occasion? sugaring party?
Sugar flowers are great for tents wedding cakes or birthday cakes.
How nice it is to have a golden wedding anniversary cake decorated with golden rose petals.
If your little girl is violet
Or rose, Furong, three-color wolf, etc)
Decorating her birthday cake with that Flower will make it so personal.
So on a sunny afternoon, invite all the guests to pick up the flowers, have a drink and have a little sugar.
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