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how to use winter wedding ideas in your wedding ceremony and reception

by:COSCO     2020-07-19
Many brides ask for a winter wedding idea.
Winter decor is easier and fun than you think.
Winter ceremony scenario: 1.
Hanging pine and 1 Flower tulle and small branches at the end of a church bench or chair. 2.
When each guest walks in, give them a candle, and after the candle lighting ceremony of the husband and wife, let friends and family light the candle because they are part of you today.
Winter theme wedding reception decoration: 3.
One of my favorite winter wedding ideas is to create a winter wonderland in your reception room.
There is such a high impact and dramatic opportunity when your guests walk in and you really want to take advantage of it.
The best way to create \"wow\" from your guests is lighting and color. 4.
A can of \"snow\" was sprayed on the willow branches, and the white lights can look spectacular in the winter tents wedding theme.
If space allows, it is better to have enough space in a row for impact. 5.
The color can also be achieved by the lights and candles on each table to get a soft look.
Use lights with colored lenses behind plants (
The Willows you just made
You will be surprised how romantic the room is. 6.
The winter Center of the wedding can be easy, but beautiful, with glass bowls full of cranberries and flowers, and some glass bowls with only candles and cranberries. 7.
The idea for other winter weddings is to hang stockings with table names and numbers on the boards you decorate in wedding colors in advance. 8.
Ideas favored by winter weddings can be hand-painted decorations or personal decorations with some special information, thanks for being part of your wedding.
They have and remember souvenirs every year.
I hope these winter wedding ideas can bring you to mind the special things you can add to your own wedding!
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