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how to use word to type two wedding invitations on one ...

by:COSCO     2020-06-12
Creating your own wedding invitations saves time and money.
If you\'re running out of time and are about to have a wedding or prefer to make your own invitation card, use Microsoft Word.
This program allows you to place two wedding invitations on one page, which saves paper.
You can copy the content of the first invite to the second page without retyping.
Your wedding invitation will appear on a separate page in print preview mode, but will be printed on a single sheet of paper from the printer.
Open a new document in Microsoft Word.
Select File and page settings from the toolbar \".
Select the margins tab and select landscape for the direction \".
Then click on the drop down menu-
Press page down to list, select 2 pages per page, and press OK \".
\\ \"Select the elegant font you selected and choose italics from the format toolbar.
Center and type \\ \"Sir& Mrs.
First Name Last Name \"and then replace\" first name \"and\" Last Name \"with the first name of the bride\'s parents \".
Press the \"Return\" key to move to the next line.
Then type the word \"Request your honor at the time of their daughter\'s marriage\" or to the effect of this, and press the \"return\" key again.
Center, enter the name of the bride, then insert the title and full name of the groom below in the form: Mr. Jane Doe
John Arthur Smith Press Enter and center, Enter the date, time and place of the wedding in the form: Saturday, may 5 One o\'clock P. M. 2010 jewelry box 111 an address Drive in Nashville, Tennessee press Enter and add reception details.
Then press Enter again with the RSVP information.
Select the entire page and copy its contents by clicking edit and copy in the toolbar (
Shortcut key: \\ \"Ctrl C \\\".
Unselect the page and place the cursor at the end of the last word of the page.
Insert a page break at the cursor by clicking Insert, break, and page break in the toolbar (
Shortcut key: \\ \"Ctrl Enter \\\".
Paste content (
\"Edit\" and \"paste\" from the toolbar)
To the new page you created.
Select file and save from the toolbar to save the wedding invitation in the file.
Then print out a sample copy and view it by selecting file and print from the toolbar.
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