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hydrangea wedding centerpieces

by:COSCO     2020-07-19
The hydrangea wedding center is cheap and easy to make.
In addition, they look very dazzling, adding a cheering and romantic mood on this very special day.
Hydrangea is a simple flower with relatively small flowers.
Hydrangea decoration always looks romantic and cute.
This makes them one of the most popular flowers in wedding decorations.
The hydrangea wedding center looks amazing.
The size of the flowers makes them ideal.
In addition, they are used for bridal bouquets, chest flowers, altar decorations, etc.
Hydrangea flowers are available from spring to autumn, so they are ideal for weddings in summer, spring and autumn.
In addition, the flowers have many bright colors, which makes it easy for them to coordinate with the wedding theme.
The diversity of colors is also useful when combined with other flowers.
The color of hydrangea is purple, pink, white and blue.
The purple hydrangea looks good for the fall wedding, while the pink hydrangea looks great in spring.
The blue decor looks very cool and refreshing.
The white wedding decoration is elegant for its tranquil beauty.
These flowers also have flowers mixed with pink and purple or orange and Burgundy, which usually reflect the spirit of autumn.
The sharp contrast between these colors makes them everywhere in the decoration.
The center of hydrangea can be made of any variety.
The color of the flower should be chosen according to the theme or season.
These flowers can finish the center decoration by themselves, or they can be used with other flowers.
The hydrangea is a good addition to the elegant horseshoe Lotus.
The Horseshoe Lotus with long stems is suitable for central flowers.
Hydrangea even blooms in sharp trumpet shapes in its delicate shape.
They also blend well with exotic flowers such as orchids, which are brightly colored.
The pink or purple hydrangea wedding center looks lovely and exudes romantic charm.
Blue looks great on formal occasions.
Because hydrangea is closely linked to a cluster of flowers, it always makes the center decoration look fuller.
If you don\'t have time to book a florist for your core decor or you want to save a florist, it\'s a good idea to make it yourself from a hydrangea.
Unlike other floral decorations, the hydrangea decoration is not complicated.
One of the important things you need to consider is that these flowers need to be hydrated.
Therefore, it is necessary to buy flower foam.
Put cold water in a large bowl and soak the blooming flowers.
After about an hour, take out the flowers and let them dribble dry.
Cut the stem into a 45 degree angle and immerse the flower in a bucket of warm water.
Let them stay overnight.
Cut Flower foam blocks according to the size of the pot.
Soak the foam completely and put it in the pan.
Take out the hydrangea and poke each stem in the flower foam.
Adjust the stems in order to provide the desired shape for the arrangement.
Arrange the Spanish moss in the gap between the flowers and also at the bottom to cover the exposed flower foam.
Therefore, choosing the hydrangea wedding center is an elegant and economical way to decorate the venue.
Their variety and availability make them the most viable option during the tents wedding season.
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