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Jin Peng room product introduction and application instructions

by:COSCO     2020-08-23
product introduction: for aluminum alloy aluminum awning room is a kind of independent type awning room, not in the bar or guy, very appropriate register, storage or large activities and exhibitions. Structured awning room on any surface, it can device to device in building nearby or other awning room nearby. They are very safe to across the wider region. Structure tent specification for scale from 5 meters to 50 meters wide, can also be customized according to your requirement. We use high quality PVC, are also lit span, make the appearance of the glass. Aluminum awning room is made for the outstanding field experience. Let's frame tent supply for safe sex and livability, let's not dedicated to reduce weight and comfortable, in a pleasant detail abandoned, never ignore such a reality: your ChuDu adventure and memorable same your next adventure. From the exhibition to the family leave, aluminum awning room can be seen everywhere. Let's make every awning room, whether it is used for hiking is still used in the campground, are made of high quality parts and materials planning. No matter what you love, whether it is light weight, comfortable and safe pitch is fast, we have prepared the awning room for you. And end activities required attachments. Three of aluminum awning room will jointly, style and traditional natural combination of skilled craftsmen. Let's tent and ceiling for the steel structure of each are not identical, is the support of, can device on any surface. If your activity needs a bigger awning room, let's have a wonderful tents wedding frame tent, atmosphere for beautiful exhibition awning room, secure and stable warehouse awning room, it can be satisfied with all aspects of the field you zero building requirements. Let's all awning room designed with scallops support an excellent ceiling and metope.
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