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Last 24 provincial epidemic situation positive, billion kam company resume work protection guide cannot little

by:COSCO     2020-09-13
Figure according to the epidemic situation, epidemic situation is changing, is also a persistent towards zero growth trend, obviously, this is good news, and more began to return to work to work. So, billion kam enterprises ( Its wide frame tent company) for the Too at the same time of to return to work, also prepared all the measures of protection for billion kam people to ensure the safety of the return to work, then to come down to see our billion kam enterprise protection guide, quickly away! Preferred, good wearing a mask is the most critical protection link, so we billion kam early and prepared a box mask can supply family safe return to work, and a day in the new masks. But came to the door of the enterprise to do every day to register, temperature is one of the most important steps, to ensure the health on security and epidemic prevention measures. Second, also carried out between workshop and the production and office thoroughly disinfected. Each region and every corner in the disinfection, ensure indoor space clean, critical ventilation let the air circulation. Support the alcoholic disinfectant hand disinfection. Moreover, billion kam enterprises during the return to work, for each staff to strengthen body health monitoring, special protective measures in advance. And found some symptoms, will report to the local disease control department, found the abnormal situation timely report and take the corresponding prevention and control measures. Finally, we billion kam enterprises during the period of the outbreak, has been under the State Council of the enterprises and institutions to return to work and production epidemic prevention and control measures to guide is given priority to, and also cautions, go out to wear a face mask, wash your hands often and not many people go to public places, reduce gathering activities and meals. During the outbreak, billion kam enterprises ( Its wide tent company) for the Have been encouraging: wuhan come on, China come on! In today, however, saw the outbreak figure data to drop form, believes that the victory in wuhan fast.
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