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Latest fabricated aluminium alloy store awning room for mobile units

by:COSCO     2020-08-16
Speaking of stores, people in general is that on the street or in the market fixed position for sales activities of place. Shop for crowd is restricted by location, traffic cost and location, is generally high cost but not necessarily with high yield. That how to make the shop can be low cost, high benefit activity? Many of them from the aspects of energy saving, think to reduce artificial spending. But says there from the new Angle of thinking, for our customers actually fabricated tent is a good way. This is with the development of unmanned shop, let us tent to get an innovative, so says there tent manufacturing also launched a new frame tent room for everybody to meet social needs. What is fabricated stores, shops have heard of awning room type? Prefabricated store is all the functionality and features traditional shops together, on the basis of original increase without characteristics. Such as the mobile and disassembling is fabricated awning room biggest bright spot. Traditional stores are often due to the location is not good enough, people change and lead to rising costs, but cash flow does not reach the designated position, and can't change shops location distressing, but the addition of prefabricated awning room allows you to 'easy movement, set up at will. 'Prefabricated store adopts modular structure design, set up short time limit, easy assembly and disassembly, storage and transportation volume is small, more important is its flexibility. The decoration decoration long-term or short-term, prefabricated shops can be competent the perfect, also suitable for small temporary exhibition hall, temporary selling point, use the temporary promotion service, etc. Due to fewer requirements for basic condition, the cost is low, so the simple maintenance. Prefabricated store inherits the excellent characteristics of traditional fixed buildings, at the same time adding new functions and features, allow businesses to better serve customers. On material and security, prefabricated stent materials with high strength and alumina, tarpaulins, the use of the flame retardant for PVC synthetic fiber cloth, durable, windproof, waterproof and flame retardant level all meet European standards, and the tent has uv protection and cooling effect. In addition, says there awning room also offers some optional accessories such as: PVC transparent curtain around, glass door, floor, air conditioning and so on. Prefabricated store awning room can guarantee the security, and can meet the requirements of the business profit, so we have just introduced, many clients have chosen the prefabricated store awning room. And we are manufacturing ensures that professional and fast after-sales says there tents, refused to a one-time deal, provide one-stop services, professional for you.
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