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Liquid Fuel Camping Stove Versus Cartridge Camping Stove

by:COSCO     2019-08-08
There are many advantages and disadvantages of these two main types of camping furnaces.Liquid fuel camping stoves have long been a favorite for hikers and backpackers.The box camping stove has the advantage of attracting beginners and even some experienced people.
A failed stove on a hike will ruin your experience and winter will put you in danger.This is why reliability is the most critical factor in camping furnaces.The problem is that reliability is not easy to evaluate.
Making a reliable judgment depends on too many conditions.The liquid fuel camping furnace has been greatly improved in terms of safety and control over the old version, but it also means more parts and more parts means more things will definitely go wrong.The cartridge camping furnace has made significant improvements in the way the cartridge is connected to the stove.
Sticking the cartridge to the stove is no longer there.Now the cartridges are connected by machining threads or twistinglock couplings.The use of a piezoelectric ignition device that can generate sparks without flint stone or steel can also easily ignite a box-type camping furnace.
Some plug-in camping furnaces can even work in extremely cold conditions.So, in terms of reliability, this is a design issue, not the type of camping furnace.Heating efficiency is affected by temperature, altitude and wind.
The performance of the plug-in camping furnace is greatly affected by the cold.Even so, in the cold high altitude area, the performance of the box camp furnace is better due to the low external pressure.The liquid fuel camping furnace is not as big as the box camping furnace due to the cold, but the wind will affect the heating efficiency of all camping furnaces.
Some models of both camping furnaces have some sort of shelter.Others rely on the windshield and the tank is placed outside.The problem with the cartridge camping furnace is that the heating efficiency is reduced as the gas runs out.
The liquid fuel camping furnace burns at high peaks until it is emptied.The performance of liquid fuel field furnaces in this field is better than that of box furnaces.Specifications indicate that the camping furnace is relatively light.
For example, the weight of the MSR Dragonfly furnace (liquid fuel camping furnace) is 14 ounces (395 grams), while the MSR camping furnace (cassette camping Furnace) the weight of 14 ounces is only 3 ounces (86 grams ).However, due to the higher efficiency of liquid fuel camping furnaces, they usually last longer.In order to assess the weight of your camping stove, you need to estimate the amount of fuel you need during a particular trip that takes into account the number of days and the expected weather conditions.
The size of the container also has a great impact on the weight of the camping furnace.For longer trips, larger containers are more economical in weight.The data shows that 20 small bullets give you 72 ounces of gasoline and 69 ounces of steel (not good ).
Ten bullets give you 76 ounces of gasoline and 41 ounces of steel.Five big bullets give you 80 ounces of gasoline and 27 ounces of steel.How much is gasoline?Backpackers estimate 8.
For ordinary users, 75 ounces of gasoline per day is enough.When you need snow melting to drink water, this number is twice the original one.For long and/or cold trips, we recommend that you use a liquid fuel camping stove.
The reason why cartridge camping furnaces are so popular among beginners is because of their convenience.There is no doubt that the box camping furnace is easier to use and you can get the heat almost immediately.They are also cleaner and quieter.For the liquid fuel camping furnace, you need to preheat the fuel and prepare it for the fuel, which makes it prohibitive for many beginners.
Although it\'s not that much of a fuss when you get used to it.As we all know, when used in a damaged state, the box camp furnace will explode.Their relative predictability makes it safer to use inside the tent, although you should only do so if you are afraid to light the tent, sleep or other equipment.
If you use a camping stove in a tent, make sure the tent is well ventilated and carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to dementia and death.Although it is very dangerous to use the liquid fuel camping furnace in the tent to use the cassette camping furnace, it should not be tried.There is another possibility for the cartridge camping stove, but this time it is not very good.
The stove attached to the pack cartridge may accidentally turn on the fuel knob and fill your pack with combustible smoke.The camping stove is also easy to bend and damage parts if your backpack is not packed well.The more parts you have, the more likely it is that there will be problems.
That\'s why it\'s important to test camping stoves before you go hiking, especially the new ones.Try to simulate what you might encounter.There is no problem with the garbage in the liquid fuel camping furnace.For the box camping stove, you need to carry the empty cartridge with you.
Don\'t throw empty bullets in the wilderness, because not only is it ugly, it will explode if exposed to the sun and cause a forest fire.Although the price of the box camping furnace is much lower than that of the liquid fuel camping furnace, the operating cost is much higher.A gallon of White gasoline from the liquid fuel camping stove costs $3 to $4 per gallon and should last for a season.
On the other hand, the cartridges are sold for $4 to $10 each, and they don\'t last long, even if the price of the cartridge camping stove may be as low as $40, and the price of the liquid fuel camping furnace or more you may easily spend 5 to 10 times more on the cartridge.The stove I chose was the liquid fuel camping stove.It cooks faster, works better in various weather conditions, has low operating costs and does not cause garbage problems.
Box camping furnaces, or known as propane furnaces, can be tempting for short trips when the sun is plentiful due to their convenience and cleanliness.Then go to the liquid fuel version
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