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Liri Tent Vs Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters

by:COSCO     2020-04-03
On December 7, 2015, managers from more than 60 companiescame to COSCO Technology for one-day business head over to named road of technological innovation. The theme of swapping is about institution, management, product innovation and other next generation system in COSCO . With more than 500 employees, COSCO has obtained dozens of nationalpatents in only 5 years, what is also the mystery of COSCO about independent innovation? With the doubt, officers from all industries come to COSCO TechnologyThe Benchmarking Enterprise in Zhuhai and National High-Tech Enterprise. In the conference room, the vice-general managerMr. Lee warmly played host on to the executives from all industries. Firstly, Mr. Lee introduced the basic disposition of COSCO , proudly share our own contribution of COSCO to athletics activities area in recent years. He displayed to us the project tent photos, which COSCO as the professional tent supplier of China Open, China Athletics Championships, Beijing Equestrian Masters. Mister. Lee also led the executives to visit our workshop, office, showroom and discussed the make a difference of foreign trade development, corporate management, corporate culture and in other industries.We learned together and made a profound exchange. Finally, Mr. Lee summed up specific meeting: no matter business development of whichindustries, we must keep faith to development strategy policy of innovation, just with innovation can develop in the outlook. We also believe that COSCO has lately the tent leader no matter a new result of R & D capability,product core competitiveness, market transformation ability or enterprise regulation ability.
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