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Liri Tent Welcome the New Year

by:COSCO     2020-04-02
We have been looking forward to the day but also night, finally, the 2nd China International Circus Festival have been opened in the Circus New Pavilion of Zhuhai Hengqin Chime-long International Sea Resort on 1st November. This circus festival brings together the worldis top good circus acrobatics team from 20 countries, carries out currently the game, summit forum and public performances in a 12-day race schedule.During the festival, more than 20,000 people of all walks of life in different places are free take a look at circus performance, include migrant workers, vulnerable families, construction workers, labour model and sanitation workers etc. Two theme most typically associated with Wonderful Circus Festival Zhuhai-Macao One Family public improvement show are held in the Hengqin Campus of Macau University. Last night, all circus festival seems to have entered the contest part, the climactic showdown at my scene. Clown beyond USA, Blood Sweat BMW linked with Turkmenistan, Sweden Magic, North Koreais Environment Person, Chinese string acrobatics and several other international-class acrobatic verify unveiled one when one, amazed all of the audience. The smoothly on the circus festival was depended on specific preparation of all facets. COSCO provide the assurance tents for this key fact circus festival, make sure the coordination of quite a few part, from a guarantee to recount, via customer service steering to the location order.How can they misss such a very wonderfcircus festival? COSCO has built up the tents coupled with prepare the manageable stools at beyond the Pavilion to try to be waiting for ones own coming!!!
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