Looking for telescopic activity of push-pull tent supplier selected for it [ Awning]

by:COSCO     2020-11-30
Now people in daily life for their own lives better, work hard, in work at the same time also need to have a good rest environment, outdoor activity space of their own. Summer is a hot season, completes the shade is very necessary, crank arm telescopic awning design custom different style to the different needs of people. In fact, the crank arm coscotent telescopic awning can be applied to a variety of different environment, if you have installed on the balcony or window, it can give you a round-the-clock care, can also pass the fabrics of avant-garde design beautify the appearance of your bedroom. If you apply crank arm awning expansion in business, also can in crank arm awning vertical side of the screen beautifully printed ads, and be able to play the effect of free media. Coscotent crank arm awning durable expansion, the use of high-strength aluminum alloy structure and high quality waterproof polyester cloth and manual and electric control system. Skeleton of high strength aluminum alloy materials and products appearance pensu processing, corrosion resistant anti-aging keep for a long time, the structure can adjust the appearance beautiful list, and more useful to avoid the light of the sun, meet different viewpoints shading effect. Coscotent crank arm telescopic awning fabric appearance through pensu processing awning and polyurethane coating processing, can avoid ultraviolet radiation, waterproof, mildew, and other functions, can be used for 5 years: not bad.
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