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new lava mobiles in india

by:COSCO     2020-06-09
India\'s Lava mobile phone has set off a technology boom among mobile phone enthusiasts.
Lava phones are now very focused on the contemporary needs of consumers and give what consumers want.
Lava movement has entered its dynamics in the medium term.
Wide range of mobile markets and offer dual
SIM options dual LED features powerful flashlights, games, Bluetooth, memory supporting up to 8 gb, FM radio with recording, one-click music player, GPRS, etc.
Some Lava phones in India have set a benchmark in the mobile market, including Lava B8, Lava A9 and Lava A10.
Lava a10 is the most popular and popular mobile phone for Lava a10.
The company is trying its best to attract young people\'s attention to the phone.
Lava A10 phones are completely commercialized in the advertising world and follow the label line of \"separating men from boys.
When it comes to features, the phone is filled with exciting and interesting factors.
It carries a big 3-
Inch full touch screen display.
Only RS in India. 4, 200.
Lava A10 mobile is equipped with a dual card option.
Mobile phone lack high speed connection options such as 3g or Wi-
But you can access the Internet using EDGE/GPRS.
Lava A10 is the cheapest mobile phone on the market.
It is accompanied by 3. 2 mega-
Output a pixel camera with better quality pictures.
Overall, this is a good phone to buy and the price is very affordable.
Indian lava A10 is only Rs. 4, 200.
After the great success of Lava A10 and other phones, Lava mobile launched its latest Lava M30 phone.
The new Lava M30 is a dual sim GSM phone.
It is usually a music-oriented phone with Yamaha audio system with SRS Surround Sound.
It has a clear IPS display.
This phone is the best for music lovers and comes with a variety of multimedia features
Format audio and video player, video recorder and standard 3. 5 mm audio-Jack.
The biggest advantage of the new Lava M30 mobile is that it can also be used as a modem to access the Internet.
In addition, the new Lava M30 phone comes with 2.
0MP camera with 4 times digital zoom.
The price of India\'s new lava M30 is RS. 4, 400.
Check out new ones in India, such as online mobile stores.
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