NFL to use sideline medical-examination tents beginning Thursday night

by:COSCO     2019-08-13
The NFL is implementing a medical examination of players using tents off-site, starting with a Hall of Fame match between the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night in Canton, Ohio.
In every NFL game of the season, there will be a foldable tent on each side.
The league has asked for any sideline assessment of possible concussion in the tent, which will have enough spacious test tables, a player and several medical staff.
\"All of our concussion assessments will be carried out in tents, and we think that will not only provide more privacy and dignity to players, but will certainly eliminate some visual and auditory distractions, we want to get rid of these distractions to get the best concussion assessment we can get, \"Allen Sears, NFL chief medical officer, said on Wednesday.
\"We believe that having athletes, inspectors and sports coaches in the tent, we will do a better concussion screening test, which will improve our ability to diagnose and detect these injuries in the sideline.
\"Since the University of Alabama, tents have been used for college football.
The NFL\'s concussion deal requires players to be brought to the locker room for assessment in some cases.
This will not change with the use of sideline tents, Sills said.
The tent will be simply included in the sideline assessment previously conducted in the clear view of fans and TV cameras. (
You can see the video of the tent here. )
\"The tent did not replace the locker room,\" Sills said in a telephone interview . \".
\"It\'s basically just the creation of a medical examination room in the sideline, where you can conduct private assessments that we usually do outside of the sideline.
There are still a lot of situations, including concussion situations where some players will be taken to the dressing room for a full assessment.
Specific to concussion, if there is any diagnosis of doubt or concussion in the screening assessment in the tent, then the player will immediately be taken to the dressing room for a full dressing room assessment. ”The tents —
Used in college football.
It is also an option for players who have suffered other injuries.
\"I think as players and team medical staff become more familiar with tents, they will want to treat a lot of damage with tents,\" Sills said . \".
\"But it\'s up to them to decide.
I have had the experience of using these tents at the University stage.
As you may know, they have been using it for several seasons in college football.
My experience is that players, doctors and sports coaches all love using tents very much.
It provides a more intimate and dignified environment for assessment.
\"I just found everyone in the tent more relaxed.
As a doctor, I can do a better exam where players will definitely feel more relaxed when they are checked.
I kind of compare it to if you\'re going to get your doctor to do a physical examination, you probably don\'t care about getting an examination in his waiting room.
You might prefer to go to the examination room.
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