party tents or marquees?

by:COSCO     2020-06-30
Party frame tent, gazebo, canopy, stupa, name of all outdoor buildings, but what is the difference and what do I need?
In the United States, the word \"mosaic\" is not often used to describe a temporary outdoor structure, from reconnaissance tents to huge two-
The temporary building is described as one thing.
If it is used for parties, it is a party frame tent.
With the exception of the UK and the rest of Europe, most people in the world follow the United States, and there is already a difference between the two terms: \"Party tents\" are used for the structure at the low end of the market, usually made of PE fabrics, the design takes into account the domestic market.
\"Inlays\" are used in high-end structures suitable for weddings and larger functions.
There is still a fairly large middle crossing area with heavier tents and cheaper ones, which makes it difficult to manage this distinction.
Pavilions and canopies are usually smaller, mainly folding structures designed for domestic consumers.
The convenience of these designs takes precedence over durability, they can be erected in seconds, and the roof is in place thanks to the clever folding design. Pagodas (
Also known as witch hat or Chinese hat)
It can be of different quality, but can be distinguished by the sharp shape of the roof.
Usually used to make eye-catching entrance areas in larger party tents or tents that can be considered as commercial equivalents of pavilions and canopies.
If you plan a large formal event with an attractive entrance, then in the US you will ask for a large structure tent with a pagoda entrance, but in the UK you will ask for one
Most people who see a in operation for the first time are amazed at how well the aluminium marquee is managed.
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