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party tents - the new way to host one!

by:COSCO     2020-07-03
Party tents are a practical and cheap way to host outdoor activities.
They protect you from the sun and rain.
They also provide a unique background when the lights come on at night.
You can also customize party tents for your specific event;
Whether it\'s grand or intimate
You can buy supplies from a local store or find friends to help make your own structure tent.
There are many party tents in the market.
Logically, anything that gives you shelter can be shaped in a party tent.
But, on the basis of weather protection, there are actually four different types of tents.
Pop-up tent and Instant : this is the cheapest structure tent.
To emphasize convenience, the pop-up and instant canopy uses a frame that can be set up in a few minutes.
They are very light and compact enough to be easily transported in storage bags.
But they are not a good choice for each case.
They have no size bigger than twenty by twenty.
If you are looking forward to hosting a large event, mark this option as red.
It creates logistical and budgetary problems.
They can\'t be stiff for long periods of time, and they can\'t afford too much load.
Pole tent: pole tent is supported by peripheral and central poles.
The stake creates tension that keeps the roof stable and tight.
They are light weight and easy to install.
They are also larger in size.
When large areas are involved, they are a cost-effective option.
It gives you more room for less money.
Another reason why it is so popular is its versatility.
Frame tents: These tents are supported using tubular metal structures.
This allows them to stand upright without the center Rod support and is more flexible than the pole top tent.
You can use them both indoors and outdoors.
They are usually more expensive than the other two.
They need more effort to build up effectively.
It uses special hardware and can\'t work properly even if one component is damaged.
Tension tents: These tents are supported using perimeter and center poles.
Their peaks are higher than other tents.
They are usually found in formal and business activities.
They are strategically designed to help tents withstand harsh weather conditions.
Few people use them as a permanent structure because they can stand for a long time.
Usually, you have to get permission in advance for a fixed tension frame tent.
They cannot be used next to the building or indoors.
The center bar easily interferes with visibility and certain layouts.
Tension tent is more expensive than above frame tent due to precision and comfort.
It\'s up to you if you find that the structural and aesthetic benefits are worth the extra cost.
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