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PATENTS; An Advance On Geodesic Design Seen

by:COSCO     2019-08-18
ANDREWSMAY 6, 1989 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it began online publishing in 1996.
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A retired chemical engineer.
Craig SuBo, who loves mathematics, has developed what he considers to be the successor to the Buckminster Fuller ground dome.
Designed by Sir
In the 1950s S, the ground wire dome was a spherical building with interlocking triangular panels on its surface, just like the dome in the center of Epcot in Orlando, Florida.
Compared to a rectangular building of the same size, the advantage of the ground dome is that it has only two-
As many external surfaces.
Therefore, because fewer surfaces are exposed to outside air, it is cheaper to build and more energy efficient.
The problem, he said, is that it is not flexible.
Yacoe lives in Chadds Ford, Pa.
Sir, use the computer.
Yacoe invented a more flexible structure: an oval dome or a \"geolocation\" dome.
The surface of the dome consists of five horizontal rings, not trianglesand six-sided polygons.
The dome can be designed to be any scale of diameter and height, and the polygons in the center ring are perpendicular to the ground. Mr. advertising
Thousands of polygon combinations can fit in any given size, Yacoe says.
In order to find the best combination, he designed a set of mathematical rules on how polygons should be combined together, and he also found as few face combinations as possible with a computer.
Sir, in the Dome of the ground wire, the height and diameter must always be equal, which may not be suitable for each caseYacoe said.
In addition, the triangular panels are not arranged evenly compared to the ground, so Windows and Doors usually look crooked or casual.
The inventor said he is now working on his first 20-foot dome.
He got a patent no. 4,825,602.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001034 of the National edition on May 6, 1989 with the title: Patent;
See the progress of the design of the ground wire.
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