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Pear flower extracts with awning room was deeply loved by the audience

by:COSCO     2020-09-12
The pear flower festival use awning room because of the main stage, show the area is not the same to the requirement of awning room, the organizers in advance with awning room, timely communication, head of places, such as the number of people, after all, according to the practical situation, selected 15 m / 10 m / 6 m awning room three span. Main stage tent is 15 m span, in the tent of special electronic screen and positioned with activities set spraying, facilitate the pear flower festival opening ceremony. supply for the open type of awning room can let guests seated himself in awning room directly touch the natural, watch the natural beauty and breathe the fresh air, the in the mind happy and relaxation is one of the traditional closed type room far unable to compare. Green lawn deserve to go up white tent, is a combination of white and green looks very comfortable? With the main tent full open for planning stage is slightly different, two show the awning room area choose is slightly do according to the requirements of the rectification. Three sides closed planning, opposite content, can be in and out of the open surface is convenient guests. Because different organizers, practical requirements are not the same, in different areas of the tent to the organizers for the supply of awning room tend to be sensitive and changeable, hosts can according to their own practical needs to resolution is anchored around the cloth. To seek open feeling of the space, can be directly to the zipper pull on the apron, and then surround cloth tied on the pillar of awning room. To a relatively closed space, just put the zip. Awning room this sensitive, independent planning, it is a lot of traditional building hard to fight. It is because the awning room unique sensitivity and hyperactivity, so we can be seen in more and more large activities frame tent.
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