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People Think They Understand E-Commerce, Until They Get Asked These 3 Questions

by:COSCO     2019-08-17
Estimated revenue from e-commerce
This year, China\'s commercial market is worth $1,121 and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 23.
2%, the market will reach $2,585 in the next five years.
Although the Internet penetration rate in 2015 was close to 70%, only 5% of Malaysian companies have online business.
E-Commerce meetings are held once a year (EEC)
E-commerce today is an opportunity.
The business ecosystem will gather with industry peers and heavyweight enterprises to better understand the environment and its trends.
Exabytes, held in the lobby of MaGIC Cyberjaya on May 24, 2017, stressed that the event was not only for industry players, but also for anyone interested and students, e-commerce
Learn business from the speeches and presentations of experts of all time
Change digital weaving.
Here are some questions that will be answered at the meeting that can help their e-commercecommerce game. 1.
How do you prepare your email
A crowdfunding business company?
Last year, we predicted a significant increase in equity crowdfunding.
This year, Babydash raised more than RM1 million in the 45-day campaign, breaking the record, in stark contrast to their target RM200k.
With 44 million and 68 smartphone subscriptions growing.
Internet penetration rate of 5%, user penetration rate of 65.
It is expected to reach 76 at 7% this year.
8% in five years
As an expert, I feel I have to understand more and more people.
Are there many people competing for attention?
How does the platform work?
How to convince investors to set up tents with them?
While this is a success story for Babydash, it may not be familiar with crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding approaches.
This is about convincing individuals to give you a donation of 10 yuan, 30 yuan, 5 yuan or even 10 yuan or more.
In return, we will give special rewards, such as the recognition of thanks, and even the opportunity to participate in the design of the product.
Once you get a certain number of donors, you have some serious cash on hand.
Kind of like social media for fundraising.
Not only do you provide some for your business
Need moolah, you also create a customer base that believes in your product and feels they have a stake in the success of the business.
It\'s like crowdfunding, but in return for equity, a group of investors can see your corporate shares instantly.
If you \'ve ever seen the BBC\'s Dragon Cave, where entrepreneurs have 3 minutes to sell their ideas to five millionairesk. a.
Dragon, you will understand the nerves.
This process may be destroyed.
If you don\'t, these are potential steps for equity crowdfunding activities: Image credit: ReserveLawyer, Malaysia-turned-
Entrepreneur Sam shaffey
As the CEO and founder of pitchIN, The Love Guru of the Commerce Department gave advice on how to cultivate the crowdfunding courtship process.
From helping you improve your online promotion, to positioning your business to our investor network and educating the public who you are and where your business will be, we think this is an important stepping stone to marking your identity in e-commercecommerce turf. 2.
What exactly is the email?
Malaysia\'s business environment and digital free trade zone? To propel e-
In addition, the Malaysian government has decided to create a project that will work together as demand for digital devices grows.
Earlier this year, the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ)
Announced to make it the first electronic in the world
Hub for e-commerce growth
With Alibaba Group and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).
The government seems to have a big target for DFTZ as it aims to double the growth rate of Malaysian SMEs, increase 60,000 jobs and support $65 billion in eight years
The government allocated 2 million yuan for the e-commerce program
The site seems to reveal Malaysia\'s plans to grasp the future of the global economy as it is digital, borderless and unlimited.
There were two phases initially: as manager of MDEC, she oversees the department\'s adoption and promotion of e-commerce
On the business side, Carol von will be able to get some insight into the progress of the two ecosystems. 3.
How to build a seamless omni-channel customer experience between e-commerce
Business and offline business?
Image source: E-commerce experience is the evolution of multiple channels
Channel retail, more focused on seamless ways through all available shopping channels such as mobile devices, laptops, tablets, direct mail, entities, etc. and-
Mortar, etc.
If a consumer wants to buy a refrigerator, she will go to the department store in person, browse and make a purchase.
She will also be told by word. of-
Or by reading magazines that provide reviews for such products.
Then the Internet appeared, and a world full of possibilities and a way out suddenly appeared.
Consumers have the ability to research, browse reviews and buy online without leaving home, and the appeal of e-commerce
The high-speed Internet has promoted the development of business.
Then there is the prosperity of digital devices.
Consumers have multiple routes to meet all their shopping needs. With 20.
In Malaysia, there are 6 million active Internet users and 18 million active mobile Internet users, which means more marketing and purchasing opportunities.
Maintaining interaction across a wide range of shopping channels and devices is a complex challenge. Re-
Kanika Agarwal, Founder and CEO of passionate peers, looks to customer experience and implement new technologies that will explore the challenges of omni-channel marketing.
She will help consumers and businesses put consumers at the center of their strategy, distinguishing between multi-channel and omni-channel.
For example, make sure customers receive personalized conversations with your brand, which can be a challenge when they switch between channels.
Kanika can also link the perspective of improving customers\' perception of the world as your brand: how they will behave and react in brick --and-
Mortar stores, or how they interact with the video presentation of the look and feel of the clothing.
List of speakers and delegates from the European Economic Community launch Babydash electronics from successful pitchIN
E-commerce giant eBay
Whether you are a big company or a new small and medium-sized enterprise, hope to start your e-commerce
A curious consumer, there is a buy 1-free-1-
Tickets were traded at 2017 on the 30 th.
If this raises your curiosity, registration is currently open on their website.
Did you pay Bruh in advance?
There are 5 reasons why you will.
People think they understand the post of email
Business until they are asked these three questions appear on the Vulcan Post.
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