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Anywhere you travel in the Czech Republic, you will hear the name of the capital, just like Praha spelled by the Czech.
Prague, once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the capital of the Czech Republic, is home to several encouraging attractions that survived the violence of the World War and the Communist era.
Its massive involvement in art has spawned many opera houses and even film studios.
Prague, sometimes known as European Hollywood, is home to a famous Czech film studio.
Barrandov Studio is one of the largest studios in Europe.
The company makes Czech films and serves visiting filmmakers and is involved in films that are shown in the United States such as the identity of Byrne, Casino Royale, impossible mission, etc.
From its galleries, castles and cathedrals to its beer feast, more than 4 million visitors visit this charming global city every year.
Some people say it\'s fascinating and others say it\'s amazing.
Here are a sample of some of Prague\'s best attractions.
After the Holy Roman Emperor and King Charles IV of Bohemia, the new towns of Charles Bridge and pug became the product of the design concept of King Charles.
This bridge is considered one of the most extraordinary Gothic buildings.
Architectural style in the world.
On both sides of the bridge are 30 holy statues spanning 516 metres.
During the day, visitors were packed with the bridge, as well as vendors selling souvenirs, cartoonists, and musicians who wanted passers-by to be generous.
Standing in the middle of the bridge, you can see a long Vltava River.
For the best and widest view of the complete bridge, stop at one of the many patio restaurants dotted near the hillside.
According to Guinness World Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, and the complex range of the walls is impossible to process when standing on the ground.
The Prague Castle is contrary to the preconceived idea of such a place, the soaring cathedral ceiling, the towering defense tower, the entrance door to the statue, the museum and the National Art Museum are far beyond the spacious courtyard and garden.
In front of the entrance to the castle, the musicians entertain the tourists, and they can enjoy the spectacular elevated landscape of Prague\'s spires.
The solemn venue is not only the daily stage for musicians.
Burgrave Palace hosts the Summer Shakespeare Festival in the yard every year.
As the castle has been damaged many times by incidents such as 1541 fires, rebellion and war, the castle has been renovated many times in order to accommodate the resident royal family.
Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance are only some evidence of the castle of today.
Old Town Square is the crown jewel of Prague\'s most beautiful sights.
Narrow, winding, cobblestone streets swept through the square, once a moat and city wall bordering the old town.
On January, a statue of Huss rose from the center of the square, which was the focus of diners dining at restaurants on the edge of the square.
Each street leading to the square has its own taste, with different shops, churches and points of interest.
With so much to see, a good plan might be to choose a street every day and follow it wherever it may lead.
Old Town Square Astronomical clockxa0This is the oldest and the only astronomical clock still ticking so far, and the gem is anchored in the town hall building in the old town square.
Visitors gather around the clock to listen and see reports about the position of the Sun and the moon, and every hour there are Apostolic statues moving above the golden Roman figures surrounding the clock, and the months of the year depicted in the calendar.
When the clock is finished for an hour, a well-dressed human blows a signal at the end of the display.
Each side of the clock has two moving statues, one representing vanity, one representing greed, one representing death, and the last representing happiness, all of which are despised when the clock is made, the elevator can take visitors to the top of the tower for just a little fee.
Walk down the narrow walkway, surrounded by stunning 360 degree city views.
The surface of the tower is the canvas of the light show celebrating 600 anniversary of the clock on 2010!
Shows the audience a video about clock creation and events surrounding its history, as well as the necessary renovations during the life of the clock. St.
The noon sun at the Old Town Square of Nicholas church sparkles from the front of this beautiful building, just a few steps from the center of the square.
Dating back to 1273, the church serves as a place of worship in addition to today\'s classical concert venue.
Inspired by the chapel of Paris, the interior design features gorgeous arched murals and a combination of gold-plated and dark wrought iron balconies.
Municipal Buildingxa0Visitors can\'t help but take the time to enjoy the spectacular look or interior of the municipal residence.
The art of the top Czechs of another era is decorated with indoor halls and halls.
The irregular interior tour includes the domed ceiling of the Smyrna Hall, a famous concert hall with its original organs.
Vaclav square is a very long Avenue, not a square.
The business center of the new town is named after the bohemian guardian of the Holy winsese Las.
This magnificent street ends with a magnificent horse-backed vazraf monument and the Czech National Museum.
The Vaclav monument overlooks many hotels, banks, restaurants and shops on both sides of the boulevard.
The square is large enough to accommodate numerous public gatherings as well as religious and civil demonstrations.
Important events such as the square, the Czech Republic declared independence in October 19.
Another important historical event was the Velvet Revolution that began in the Square in 1989, ending Communist Party control over the Czech Republic.
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