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Prefabricated awning room - Prefabricated awning room what are the advantages compared with traditional storage architecture?

by:COSCO     2020-09-08
Prefabricated awning room as industry of new facilities, with its unique advantages for many industries have brought a lot of convenient, it also makes the traditional storage architecture less and less. ( 中远- Prefabricated awning room) So what tent than traditional storage for prefabricated buildings what are the advantages? We can compare from the following several aspects: first, economy prefabricated awning room more economical compared with traditional storage architecture. Prefabricated tent structures, save a lot of approval procedures, the low price and short time limit, so on average only a few hundred dollars per square foot. Effectively reduce the enterprise in the cost of warehousing operations, but also help enterprises to earn a greater income. Second, the fast fabricated awning room compared with the traditional storage architecture more quickly. Prefabricated warehouse tent aluminum alloy frame structure, unit modular building, strong mobility, and the span length can be according to their own requirements. manufacturer has to save time, tear open a rapid disassembly, with better flexibility and convenience, improve enterprise warehouse planning for enterprises urgently need warehouse space is preferred. Three, practical fabricated awning room compared with the traditional storage architecture is more practical. Prefabricated warehouse awning room space area but can small, enterprise can according to your own warehouse requirements to order size. And fabricated awning room can use repeatedly, repeatedly used. Due to the awning room framework profiles are using aluminum alloy material, so completely don't have to worry about in terms of beautiful and security. Above is the fabricated awning room some of the advantages of short answer is introduced. For many companies, emergency up temporary warehouse for convenient fabricated awning room, in many respects, won't haunt for the enterprise. If you have this aspect demand, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with a temporary frame tent design scheme for comprehensive fabricated.
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