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Prefabricated interim construction glass ABS wall tent can provide for a large area of the temporary place to live

by:COSCO     2020-08-15
Says there has been committed to the awning room constantly extend and expand the application scope, from a small tents wedding or to the activities of the large frame tent, we were all in the implementation of the principle of 'one frame tent is multi-purpose'. To the best of our ability to design and produce the tents, to improve our awning room price, let our customers interest cost to the highest. In accordance with the requirements of our guests, says there provides a hard wall with ABS and double glass door awning room, as temporary residence decorate the 18-month period. At the same time they are in SAN Antonio, Texas fort Sam Houston installed a temporary building awning room, as a military base during the expansion of military personnel to temporary residence hall. Temporary buildings awning room including large space, cafe, game room, lounge and study area. Also says there temporary frame tent provides a including floor for building, lighting, electric power, fire retardant and turnkey structure of safety equipment. Because the awning room says there are fabricated, can the number of sites, activities, and according to your requirements to free transform, a variety of accessories are free to choose. From your budget, to pricing, from you to buy, to after-sales, says there will always provide the best service for you. If you need help, can click here to get the latest information about awning room.
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