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Prefabricated outdoor basketball court awning room, the Gospel of basketball fans!

by:COSCO     2020-09-08
Basketball sport is an integral part of a campaign, a lot of people life with the increasing of basketball fans, indoor basketball court has been in short supply, we have to create a more convenient and can help us from the outdoor space of bad weather. And outdoor basketball court, awning room is such a can for our new tent products for prefabricated escort. Basketball court awning room although it is a temporary activity space, but its security as traditional concrete buildings. Says there frame tent manufacturer for the r&d and production of frame tent frame adopts high quality aluminum alloy profiles for the basketball court, tarpaulins adopts double coated PVC fabric, which can effectively resist - 8 10 class gale and ensure the orderly activity events. set up on site for the basketball court is not high, generally flat on the ground can be easily set up; Relevant approval process is simple, no need too much red tape. In installation set up link, adopting the modular approach to building, very fast, can be put into use in a very short period of time. Says there awning room can not only provide regular sports awning room products, can also provide customized service for the customer, as long as you have any idea, we will provide you with a reasonable solution, perfect awning room facilities, and design according to your actual demand.
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