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Prefabricated warehouse tent - Prefabricated warehouse awning room provides enterprises with what help?

by:COSCO     2020-08-25
Due to the industry needs, prefabricated warehouse awning room utilization rate is very high in recent years. Because of its ability to quickly build, removable and recyclable, etc, widely popular with the companies, especially the manufacturing and logistics industries. For these companies, warehousing is a big problem, so to speak. Facing the off-season every year 'shorts' season 'blowing up' inventory problem. If companies at this time to build a traditional storage architecture, a variety of process formalities trival, will spend a lot of human, material and financial resources and also in the intangible of to increase many cost at the same time, also brought some losses to the enterprise. This time will need to set up temporary frame tent or for prefabricated warehouse to warehouse instead of traditional architecture. ( 中远- Prefabricated warehouse awning room) So, prefabricated warehouse tent provides enterprises with what help? What value can bring? A, prefabricated warehouse tent to quickly solve enterprise storage problem for prefabricated warehouse tent with the method of unit combination, modular production structures, enables the tent manufacturer to in a short period of time to build a large area of prefabricated warehouse awning room space ( The most fast just like thousand square meters a day time) , a quick fix to the enterprise and logistics warehousing problem such as peak season, is a specially designed for temporary storage of the solution. Second, prefabricated warehouse tent to cost savings for the enterprise, it is said, appeared in the market now many company, factory warehouse season can adopt the way of leasing warehousing awning room to solve the storage problem. Actually otherwise, first of all, the location of the warehouse can't randomly selected by you, so in terms of logistics transportation also increased a lot of costs. Second, warehouse leasing others will not less, it will increase the cost to the enterprise. And if you choose to build prefabricated warehouse frame tent, for the cost less than traditional architecture, only 200 - general About 450 yuan/flat, the specific need according to the warehouse of the specifications of the awning room sizes and supporting facilities. In long service life of awning room at the same time you also don't have to worry about completely, now generally prefabricated warehouse tent framework for aluminum profile is used, the service life of 20 years old and beautiful appearance, greatly enhance the enterprise efficiency, reduces the overhead cost. At present, the prefabricated warehouse tent in industry, express, logistics and other industries are the most common, become the final option of many enterprises. Not only in the present, also will be applied to more fields in the future, really led industry a new mode of storage.
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