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Profiles is to ensure that industrial tent life at all!

by:COSCO     2020-08-31
Industry are used in two related companies, used to store temporary factory goods, temporary workshop, and other purposes. Because industrial tent set up for quick, safe and stable, long life and other characteristics, wide praise in the industry. You know industrial warehouse tent average service life for how long? Many people may feel a product or a storage frame tent awning room, also can use a few years. Is not just a few years, and now on the market a lot of tent manufacturer for the production of industrial awning room service life can reach more than 20 years, even longer. And can make the frame tent life for so long is the profile of awning room! manufacturer for says there have many years of experience in tent production structures, the profiles are adopted by the high quality of high strength aluminum alloy material, links section for treated with hot dip galvanized iron, aluminum surface treatment mainly adopts oxidation, mainly USES the hot dip galvanized iron surface treatment. Says there all aluminum awning room good intensity, light quality, strong security, all aspects of the performance is very high, is the ideal choice of the tent framework for industrial. Besides framework profiles, with exterior wall materials, awning room maintenance, use area, weather conditions, and many other factors also have close relations, treat awning room only with your heart, it can play a greater role, provide a better experience. If there are any related requirements, please call our tent inquires for says there.
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