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Purchase awning room generally will have what kind of problem

by:COSCO     2020-08-24
Follow tent used widely, for now, many enterprises in outdoor activities with a demand to buy tent, but due to many buy clients do not understand awning room, buy awning room often consulting all kinds of problems, often sums up a tent under the awning room buy common problem for our reply. is chosen for aluminum alloy structure, the material through special processing, good gloss, high strength, corrosion resistance, and the structure between links use galvanized steel parts, so even the durable in outdoor use, as long as 20 years can also use full! Tarpaulin chooses knife is PVC coated fabric, can waterproof, flame retardant, resistance to tear, resist ultraviolet ray, under normal maintenance use can also have the use of more than five years in life! rental for about 40 - price 80 / square, the purchase price is 150 - rental for 250 / square, in fact, whether the price is still the purchase price, there are many influence factors, such as the lease time, the specification of awning room size, the requirement to the tent, etc. , so if you want to know the accurate quotation, can often advice to a tent, let you after we know your demand business personnel supply accurate quotation for you! Different role in the tent in the activity are different, such as large-scale exhibition, industrial storage situation with large net across space herringbone canopy room will suit, such as exhibition, conference, tents together hotel can choose relatively the corners of canopy room, about tents wedding banquet European awning room will be the best choice. Of course is according to the practice of activities demand to choose, to come to consult is often a we can supply the suitable solution for you!
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