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Rare Futuro Home Pops Up On eBay, Fulfilling Your Dream To Live In An Old \'Star Wars\' Ride (PHOTOS)

by:COSCO     2019-08-19
Have you ever encountered something on eBay that is completely unnecessary to your life, but in any case, you strongly need to buy it?
This is one of the cases.
A rare future home has been on sale and is currently on sale for $29,900 \"buy now.
The structure is located in Berlin, New Jersey, and was previously used as a variety of rides at Morey pier in Wildwood, New Jersey (
Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, etc).
Although the signature \"UFO\" shape (
With the aircraft hatch-like entrance)
Really good for this whimsical use, a future home is real-life use.
Designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in 1968, by Futuro Corporation (
Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
The house was designed as a \"portable\" ski lodge.
Its lightweight plastic look can be constructed quickly and also allows qualityproduction.
However, these virtues are not enough to save the house of the future from fate.
When the 1970 oil crisis caused the price of plastic to triple, Futuro went to design paradise.
It is estimated that about 60 people have survived.
Why are you interested today?
Pam Kueber, founder of retro decoration and expert in retro home design, depicts it in its own shape.
\"Obviously, I think we\'re fascinated by houses like the future because they look like flying saucers.
But the circular house dates back to more than 1968.
For example, Buckminster Fuller conceived the Dymaxion House in 1920 and built the prototype in 1945, and of course, he is known for his ground wire dome.
On 1957, Disney showed the future home of Monsanto.
We had it before that. -yurts!
\"This is what the future home looks like in the Golden Age: This is what you\'re going to buy on eBay: Now, if we have $30,000 spent on the shell of a house, plus the time to fix it, that\'s fine. Any takers?
H/t to the Facebook page of The FUTURO House and vintage renovations to reveal this stunning sale.
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